5 Gifts For Those With Expensive Taste


We all have that one friend who has a little more of an expensive taste and let’s face it, even though we love each other we’re “broke” college students. At times you may not know what to gift them and by all means, I am not ignoring the sentiment of a handmade gift, but sometimes you want to give a little more. So here is a list of five easy things you can gift your boujee friend.


(Photo by Isabelle Taylor from Pexels)


  1. Flowers  

Everyone wants to receive flowers at some point in their life, they’re a nice way to show your affection but, we know roses die too quickly. So consider the beautiful Venus et Fleur - known for the extravagant arrangements sent to celebrities like Kim Kardashian. Venus et Fleur flowers last up to a year, or even more, without you having to do anything to maintain them. I would be lying if I said they were affordable. However, if you’re on a budget but want to go all out then consider the Lé Mini™ Round. For $40, you get a single rose in a customizable box that comes with a card. It’s not a huge heart shaped box, but it’s still a cute gesture.

(Photo by pixabay.com from Pexels)


  1. Chocolates  

Whether it is a packet of Reese's or Ghirardelli chocolates, everyone likes chocolates. It’s a simple pleasure, but it doesn’t hurt to try something “fancy” every once in a while. So splurge on something more like See’s Candies for example. I think their candies are great and their in-stores and online variety makes it easy to find something for everyone. They’re stocked with an assortment of gift boxes that you can pick from like the Classic Birthday Assorted Chocolates, which is a quick and simple gift for only $22!

(Photo by Designecologist from Pexels)


  1. Decor


Decor might be something you don’t really consider a gift, sort of like socks for Christmas, but I

think it shows how much you truly know someone. Personalized decor can be a great gift to help

enhance your friend’s aesthetics. Don’t be afraid to stroll through the clearance aisle or check out discounted stores because you never know what you can find. Some friends and I gave our friend a letter board spelling out an inside joke with a polaroid of ourselves and they loved it. So start out with a something simple, like a neon style light from Target for only  $19!


(Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels)


  1. Perfume or Cologne


Fragrances can get expensive, I know, but don’t steer away from them completely. There are plenty of options to choose from. Sephora is a great place to find a selection of products. I like the Perfume Travel Sample because you get to sample seven scents for a fraction of the price at only $25. Not only are the travel sized bottles cute, but they’re practical! This lets your friend try out multiple fragrances at a time so they can find their perfect scent; and if they don’t like one, then you might get to keep it!

(Photo by bust.shopify.com from Pexels)


  1. Money


Let’s admit it, sometimes a cash gift is appreciated for our special occasions. Giving someone money isn’t “insensitive” or “unthoughtful.” Occasionally, finding the perfect gift is too hard and you draw a blank and that doesn’t make you a bad friend. I have a friend who has it all but sending him money for tea or Raising Cane’s makes his day. So, don’t be afraid to give what you can because it’s a meaningful gesture.


Expensive taste isn’t hard to satisfy nowadays. With things coming back into style and new technologies, you’re sure to find something for everyone. It just takes time to think of that “perfect” gift.