5 Candles to Get Lit With This Fall

Even though Fall in California isn’t really a thing, I can’t help get excited over all the leafs on the ground, the seasonal drinks at Coffee Bean, and all the orangey colors. One of my favorite parts though is all the seasonal candles that come out. I tend to horde candles from different brands because I love it when my room and the rest of my apartment smell good. 

With all these stores having different new candles on the shelves, here are some of my favorite that make me feel like I live in a place where it really is Fall.


1. Holiday Pomegranate Candle by Yankee Candle

(Photo courtesy of Yankee Candle’s Instagram)

Growing up, when October or early November hit, I knew that my dad’s pomegranate tree would have fresh fruit for us. I would spend up to two hours peeling and eating an entire pomegranate in one sitting and now there’s this scent to remind me of those days while I’m away from home. This candle is available on the Yankee Candle website, and I lit it immediately when I bought it. I decided to keep it in the living room so that when my friends went over, they could also be wrapped up in that scent. 


2. Macintosh by Yankee Candle

(Photo courtesy of Yankee Candle’s Instagram)

My mom’s favorite scent. She has to have one in her room and another near the kitchen. It works so good, even my aunt had to copy it. So now, wherever we go for Thanksgiving dinner, it smells like Macintosh. I know I have one laying in my pile which will probably be lit very soon. It’s a great scent that never fails as just a general scent for a home. If you’re looking for something that says “Happy Holidays!”, this is it. It’s a little bit on the pricey side, but it’ll last in your home for a while! 


3: Pumpkin Cupcake 

(Photo courtesy of Bath & Body Work’s Instagram)

I think we all have a Bath & Body Work’s inside our local malls that reels us in with their constant sales and good discounts. The other day, I was minding my own business and saw that they had a really good deal on the candles, so I walked in and picked up a few. The specific number will not be revealed because I’m embarrassed. I smelled all of them before taking them home, and I knew I had to lit Pumpkin Cupcake the minute I got back to my room. I think it’s one of my absolute favorites at the moment with its holiday but everyday type of scent. If you are ever deciding on one, pick this one up! It’s currently out of stock online, but these stores are in every mall so there has to be one somewhere. Also for fun, try to say Pumpkin Cupcake really fast as many times as you can. 


4. Champagne Toast by Bath & Body Works

(Photo courtesy of Bath & Body Work’s Instagram)

As soon as I’m done with Pumpkin Cupcake, Champagne Toast will be my next one to last me into the New Year. Yes, I know it’s not fall anymore at that time, but it’s a good scent to transition into a new season. It’s fruity, has essential oils,  and according to other shoppers on the website, it fills up their entire home. I’m really excited to use it, but maybe some of you guys can try it before I do. 


5. Warm Flannel Embrace by Glade

(Photo courtesy of Glade’s Instagram)

Finally, for a price friendly balance, I had to include a Glade scent. Their candles are always amazing for the cheap price, and I have more Glade candles than any other brand. Don’t think you have to splurge to get your home smelling good because honestly, I don’t either. If it’s not on sale, I don’t buy it. This last September, I finished the month along with Warm Flannel Embrace. The name just gets you want to cozy up and start transitioning into the end of the year. It’s a really comforting scent that my mom likes, too. For $3, you can get yourself a hug from the scent of this charming and mom-approved candle.