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4 Reasons Why You Should Dye Your Hair

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.


I know what you’re thinking. This girl has obviously dyed her hair way too many times and now she’s trying to pressure everyone else to join the dark side. Well, for the record…I have only dyed my hair FIVE times thank you very much and NO I am not trying to make you slaughter your hair. As a matter of fact let me make my intentions clear: I am only trying to persuade anyone who has ever been interested in changing up their hairstyle into why they should do it. So, without further ado, here are 4 reasons why you should dye your hair.



You are at your prime right now. In other words, your youthfulness has never been more in everyone else’s face than at this moment. The time to go with that crazy rainbow hair or a cobalt blue ombre is NOW. Think about it. A few years from now you are going to be working at a professional job.

 Do you think that your boss is going to like you walking around with bright pink highlights?

(I guess it depends on what kind of job you have but let’s be honest with ourselves.) Your work appearance from there on out has to be professional and clean cut.

You want to be taken seriously by your boss and your clients but while we’re young…






or EVERYTHING in between!


My Momma always said that if you have the urge to do something then you should do it. *Only applicable to some situations. Results may vary.

If you don’t, you will forever have the itch…the longing…the yearning…FOREVER. Hair is no exception. If you really want to try that look you saw your favorite actress or singer sport then by all means do it! What was that one saying that was super popular but oveused? YOLO? Haha forget YOLO, Hakuna Matata is the motto!

What have you got to lose? Besides, getting a new look is always fun and you always feel a bit more confident after. Forget the haters and strut your stuff. 


I feel like dyeing your hair is one of those things that everyone has to try once in their life.

I mean c’mon I’m pretty sure that the thought of having a different hair color has crossed everyone’s minds at least once.

Like I’ve been saying, you are at the perfect age. Not to mention that you won’t be stuck with the hair color forever. Your hair will grow out eventually and the roots of your natural hair will emerge once more.


The hair color doesn’t have to be permanent. As fun as it is getting your hair actually dyed, there are other alternatives that you can do to get those crazy colors other than the chemical way.

One way is hair chalk. Yup. It is exactly as it sounds. They are these chalk pieces that you can use to color your hair. I swear it’s like coloring in a coloring book! It wears out with each time that you wash your hair so you don’t have to worry about waiting a while for your hair to grow out, just for your shampoo to take effect. There are many different kinds of hair chalk you can get which makes coloring your hair all the more fun. There are endless combinations you can go for so play up your creativity!

There are also other temporary dye that you can use that include but are not limited to; hairspray dye, hair gel, powder, and of course Kool-Aid for those with Hair Dyeing Phobia.

I don’t know if I’ve been able to persuade anybody with this, but I really hope that you at least think about the possibility. Like I said you’re only young once, so start acting like it!

Happy Dyeing! Hakuna Matata!

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Amanda is a first year Creative Writing and Pre-Business double major with a minor in Psychology at UC Riverside. With a love for movies and books alike, she strives to be a successful author and film producer one day.
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