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10 Trends to Try for Spring

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Riverside chapter.

The weather is starting to warm up and the day is an hour longer, and its Spring time! Now its time to change up your wardrobe.  Here are ten key items for spring!

1.       Tie up shirts. Wear these in a nice coral or bright color and you’re ready for spring! Pair with some high-waisted shorts or jeans. If you’re not confident in showing too much skin tie lower and wear with a long cardigan. You can also create any long flowy button down into a tie shirt by keeping a few buttons open at the bottom and tying up the shirt.

2.       Collar statements. Collars have come in for fall season and look like they’re versatile to stay for spring. Buy one or make one DIY status!

3.       Capes! Capes are being seeing all over the runway and on celebs. I guess Ugly Betty wasn’t too far off with her poncho. Choose a nice tailored solid color to transition to this trend. Capes are a great fashion essential so find one that hits above or at the knee so it doesn’t look like its swallowing you whole.

4.       Lovers of Green rejoice! Beautiful shades of mint to emerald green hot for spring this season, seen all over the runways at New York Fashion Week. Incorporate it in your makeup, jewelry, or on your nails!

5.       Anything chambray. I say have at least a classic chambray work shirt that is nicely fitted and plain so you can accessorize. Then you can go on to buy chambray dresses, skirts, shorts, you name it

6.       Bright or bleached cut offs. These are necessary for spring weather. If it is still chilly outside pair with some tights or stockings!

7.       Ombre! Not only in hair but it has been a trend in clothing as well. Whether you find an ombre colorblock shirt or create some ombre jeans with bleach, ombre coloring will catch everyone’s eyes for spring.

8.       Thought you had to put all your sweaters away? Don’t cry and toss your sweaters in the drawer just yet. Cropped sweaters are grazing everyone’s stomachs in the fashion world as well as celebs who love to stay warm and look cute.

9.       Printed stockings are everywhere. Whether hearts, florals, etc. Stockings are always a fashion essential but cute prints on stockings are making a revival comeback from the 90s old spiderweb looking fishnets. You can wear these with skirts or cut offs and you can either buy them with cool tears or thrash them yourself to get a grungy vibe.

10.   Block heels! These are being seeing on celebrities, and fashion icons everywhere. They  are really nice small heels that are cute and comfortable to wear to classes.

These trends are very classic, so invest in good pieces that will last till the next season. Building your wardrobe for each season is key, so avoid spending too much on trendy items that you might only wear once or you know you feel you won’t feel confident enough to pull it off. I suggest shopping out of season at department store clearance racks or even going to thrift stores or flea markets for fashion finds.  Good luck and have fun in color this spring!

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