10 Inexpensive Things To Do In LA Over Winter Break


Let’s face it, as college students, our wallets aren’t filled with money. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a list of 10 fun things you can do in the LA area this upcoming winter break!


1. Go to The Rose Parade


(Photo by 5acres.org)


The Rose Parade is held in Pasadena, California every New Year’s Day. You can see amazing floats and listen to the marching bands.


2. Visit a Farmer’s Market

(Photo by Anne Preble on Unsplash)


Not only is it fun to walk around and see all the different foods and items for sale, but you are also helping the environment by saving packaging waste and energy to ship food!


3. Hike to the Hollywood Sign


(Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash)


Get a nice workout in by hiking up the Hollywood Sign. I recommend going early in the morning so you can see the sunrise. It’s also a great opportunity for you to take some cute pictures for your Instagram!


4. Go Ice Skating


(Photo by Marc Ruaix on Unsplash)


Go ice skating and drinking some hot chocolate with your friends! Whether you’re new to it or a pro, you’re bound to have fun!


5. Have a Bonfire At The Beach


(Photo by dotshock on photodune)


Bring jackets, a blanket, some snacks and you’re all set to make great memories with friends! Some of my favorite snacks to take to the beach are s’mores. Traditional, yet satisfying.


6. Play Tennis at a Nearby Park


(Photo by Yaron Richman)


Borrow some tennis balls and rackets to not only have fun with friends but also get a full body workout!


7. Candy Cane Lane

(Photo by Lauren Christopher on Mizwrite)


Located on Lubao Avenue and Oxnard Street, Candy Cane Lane is perfect to get you into the holiday feels! Drive or walk along Candy Cane Lane and be mesmerized by the bright lights and Christmas Decorations. Every house goes all out and it’s definitely a must-see!


8. Movie Night!


(Photo by jeshoots.com)


Pick a couple of movies to watch on Netflix, get snacks, and invite friends! Some of my favorite snacks are popcorn and cookies. This is a fun, yet relaxing night.


9. Visit the Getty Museum


(Photo by Ana Kamin on californiaweekendmag.com)


Located on 1200 Getty Center Drive, The Getty Museum is the perfect place to spend the day. It has European paintings, photography, drawings, sculptures and more! You can’t go wrong with a visit to the Getty.


10. Baking


(Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash)


Treat your sweet tooth by spending the day baking desserts to impress your friends and family! Plus, who doesn’t want the sweet smell of goods baking in the oven to fill their house?

Now that you know all the inexpensive things you can do over the break, you have no excuse to stay in bed all day. Go out and make the most out of your winter break!