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10 Gifts For The Disney Lover In Your Life


I love everything Disney. It is no surprise that I surround myself with people who enjoy Disney as much as I do. For every holiday season or when my birthday comes around I never fail to make a wish list full of Disney products. If you’re not that much into Disney and are not sure what to give your friends, family or partner, look no further you have come to the right place. Here is some Disney merchandise that will make excellent stocking stuffers and great birthday (even anniversary) surprises.


1.  An Enamel Pin


(Photo by Just Dream)


This enamel pin is pink and sparkly. What more could you want? It allows you to carry around a little piece of Disney wherever you go in a cute and fashionable way. The pin is 1.35” wide and can be pinned to your backpack or jean jacket. If the person is not much of an accessory person then they can pin this onto a cute pin board.


Get this pin from Just Dream for $10! They also have a lot of other Disney inspired pins.


2. Disney Mug Warmer

(Photo by Amazon)


This is perfect for those who drink coffee or tea, but will forget to drink it right away. The mug warmer is small and will conveniently fit anywhere. The product also includes the mug so it’s two gifts in one.


Get this on Amazon for $12.99

3. Heat Changing Mug

(Photo by BoxLunch)


Your mornings will be extra ~magical~ with this mug. The mug is heat sensitive so when a hot beverage is poured inside, Genie, from the movie Aladdin, will appear.


Get this mug from BoxLunch for $19.90. They also have a variety of designs for the heat changing mugs!


4. Minnie Mouse Trinket Jar

(Photo by BoxLunch)


This jar is so cute for storing jewelry and other small trinkets that are around. The color is also rose gold, which is super stylish and trendy.


Get this from BoxLunch for $19.90


5. Mickey Mouse Toaster

(Photo by Target)


I got this toaster a year ago as a Christmas gift and it is one of the best gifts I have ever received. It’s a product that I use almost every day to heat up my toast. It makes such a simple act so much more enjoyable and fun.


Get this toaster from Target for $19.99


6. Eyeshadow Palette

(Photo by ColourPop)


This eyeshadow palette is currently on my wishlist for Christmas. The eyeshadow has great colors and the packaging is incredible. It is also cruelty free!


Get this from ColourPop for $20


7. Castle Beanie

(Photo by Just Peachy)


This beanie is perfect for the cold weather! It is a light pink color that will instantly brighten up your wardrobe for the gloomy winter ahead. Plus, the beanie has two pom poms at the top which make it resemble Mickey Mouse ears.


Get this from Just Peachy for $20


8. Disney Pajamas


(Photo by Disney)


If you haven’t seen Ralph Breaks the Internet, do yourself a favor and go watch it. In the movie, the Disney princesses are featured wearing comfortable loungewear. They look stylish and ready to have the best sleepover of the century.


Get this from shopDisney for $29.95


9. Alex and Ani Bangle

(Photo by Disney)


This bangle comes is a great accessory or those who enjoy wearing jewelry. You get to carry a little bit of magic right on your wrist. Alex and Ani also has different designs available so make sure to check them out.


Get this from shopDisney for $44.95


10. Kate Spade Clutch


(Photo by Disney)


I don’t need it, but I need it! Recently, Kate Spade introduced a new line of totes and clutches that are in collaboration with Disney. They have these products in different colors and with a variety of quotes.


Get this from shopDisney for $108


No matter the occasion these gifts are sure to impress the Disney lovers in your life. But, nothing beats a gift like a trip to Disneyland or Walt Disney World.


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