Top 7 Halloween Costumes for the Badass in You

Halloween is just around the corner and we have the perfect costume ideas for a badass woman that is balling on a budget! Here are the Top 7 Halloween costumes that will bring out the badass in you:




Get a leotard, fluff up your hair, and find your girl group. Decorate your leotard with a bunch of rhinestones and gems and you’ll be ready to kick some ass, inside and outside of the ring. 



Who wouldn’t want to be a sassy quick mouthed pregnant Ellen Page? An olive jacket, orange striped shirt, and a pillow for the baby bump make this perfect costume. 


Abbi and Ilana 

What better costume for you and your BFF than NYC’s best BFFs ever. With a cool outfit and you and your BFF can be these carefree and fun women for Halloween! You’ll have everyone screaming YASSSS QUEEN!


Rosie the Riveter 


Let’s bring it back to the OG badass. Just find a denim button up and a red bandana. Be the badass woman that shows everyone that, yes, you can do it!


Sasha Fierce 


What’s better than being Beyonce? Literally nothing. You can be her alter ego with some heels, a leotard, and of course some kick-ass make-up. Show the world that you’re a diva!


Wonder Woman 


I think we’re all a little part goddess so why not dress like it? Master this costume with a red tank, a blue skirt and a paper crown. Wonder Woman is here to save the day!


Cookie Lyon 

You’re here to make an empire and everyone better get onboard or get out of your way. Get Cookie’s look by wearing anything with animal print, a fur coat, and some hoop earrings. Nobody will be able to tell you anything. 

These ideas are fun and inexpensive, so they are perfect for college students. Feel free to add your own twist on these costumes to make them your own. You don’t have something you need for the costume? That’s okay! You can find bargain deals at thrift stores or ask a friend if they have the item! With Halloween just around the corner, we hope that these costume ideas bring a little inspiration for the badass in you!