Fresher Tips: Working for Your University for a Better Campus!

For the past few years UCL has been committed to implementing a zero tolerance policy toward bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct in order to encourage changing the narrative around campus. In this article I will share my experience as a Student Trainer for the UCLSU in helping UCL continue to be committed to implementing this significant policy.


 As a Student Trainer, my primary responsibility over the past few months has been delivering workshops to new students as part of UCL sexual misconduct, harassment and hate crime prevention projects. The workshops I run alongside other likeminded Student Trainers have been delivered to freshers who have just arrived at UCL, as we believe that changing the narrative starts with educating the new generation. The main purpose of these workshops is not delivering a lecture about bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct. It is rather focused on explaining what precisely amounts to bullying, harassment and sexual misconduct and explaining the concept of consent. Once these concepts are clarified, the group learns how to behave and react when we witness a situation which is inappropriate, such as where to access help and provide the necessary support to the victim. 


I am incredibly honored that I have been chosen as a Student Trainer to be a part of this project for various reasons. I have seen freshers appreciating the existence and implementation of these workshops in order to promote harmony on campus amongst students. Also, I have noted real engagement from individuals who wanted to learn and take part in this change. The willingness to be part of a bigger movement aimed to create a safer space for all is the most important and crucial aspect of these workshops in my opinion. These workshops not only educate students, but they also create more aware and active citizens, ready to intervene and help if needed.


We are always bombarded by articles and news, which mainly report the worst that happens in the world, and often these can stop us from seeing the good that is still out there. This is also why I am extremely proud of being part of this project because it shows how universities are taking real actions by starting to educate the new generations, to create more effective and conscious citizens in the future. As I always to say to the people that attend my workshops: statistics about bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct might indeed appear upsetting and demotivating, but this should encourage you to be part of making a difference and to start reversing those statistics!