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Why You Need to Go Home For Mother’s Day


For those of us that have spent the majority of our college life so far, away from home and basking in the freedom of escaping our nagging moms… this is for you. Take some time off of Facebook, hectic sorority/fraternity schedules, beer pong tournaments, dates and your studying, to think about that special lady back home.

Your mother is special because when you were a baby, you couldn’t control any of your bodily functions and you drooled and she took care of you. She still liked to be with you all the time like you weren’t actually going to explode anytime with drool or poop or both. When you finally learned to walk, you also had a tendency to fall and you would cry and cry because you hurt yourself and nothing in the world could make you feel better except to have her kiss the pain away. She didn’t mind you being the dramatic one. This person is special because when you discovered scary movies, you started getting nightmares and you couldn’t sleep by yourself so you had to sleep with her because she would keep all the monsters at bay. The boogie monster stood no chance against her.

Your mother is special because when you started going to school, you were too shy to make friends so she held your hand and went to your first day at kindergarten with you. Not to mention she took you to school and packed you lunch every day from that very first day. When you started making friends, you needed to look cool and would ask for ridiculous things that you would grow out of quickly, but she still took you shopping and spent a lot of money so you could show off to your friends your new outfits or scooter that you wouldn’t fit or play with after a few months.

This person is special because when you hit puberty, you thought the world was against you and you had weird, angsty tantrums about how she gave you too much chores and how she just didn’t understand you, but she still cooked for you and let you live in her house even though you kept threatening to run away and join a band. This person is special because when you got into your first relationship, you thought your boy/girlfriend was the best thing in the world and no way that your heart would get broken by this wonderful being, but she warned you to be careful and when you had your first break up she let you cry on her shoulder.

This person is so special because when you went off to college, you were so happy that you would be free from her shackles and although she was overjoyed you made it to college, she was sad because her house would become empty of the noisy little baby that always had some problem for her to deal with. Instead, she would return to work in order to send you money so you can buy nice clothes, drink beer, and go on dates, hoping that you will remember to call her every now and then.

Look back at all those small things that you thoughtlessly did and think about how your mom put up with every cry, tantrum, demand, problem and so much more that you threw at her and she still found the ability to cook you dinner, do your laundry, house you and most importantly love you. Amazing, isn’t it?

When was the last time you actually saw your mom? Doesn’t she deserve to be spoiled on this day dedicated to the role she’s spent all of you life fulfilling? I think yes. Put in some extra effort this Sunday to make the trip home. Spend some extra cash, travel farther than you’re used to, maybe use the train for the first time if you have to. If you absolutely cannot make it home, at least video message her and spend some time actually chatting with her to see how she has really been lately.

I make a big nostalgic deal about this day, however everyday should honor your mother, don’t forget to let your mom know often in some little way that she is appreciated for giving you life. She is most likely waiting by the phone like my mother often is. It is always difficult to be away from a person that you love and despite how invincible you think your mother is, she needs to know she is loved as well. And although not everyone is lucky enough to have a kind and loving mother, you can still celebrate this holiday by giving thanks and appreciation to a person in your life that is like a mother figure to you, whether it be your father, teacher, or an aunt or uncle. Don’t let this Sunday pass by like any other day! 


Source: http://simplecentsblog.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/MothersDay.jpg

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