What To Watch When You’ve Watched Everything on Netflix

Watch everything on Netflix? Me too. Like most college students, one of the most cost-effective and simple activities that keep me sane in the roller-coaster of stress that comes with our quarter system is viewing Netflix shows. I watch Netflix shows like I eat Hot-Cheetos, one after another. I know, it may sound like an addiction, but I assure you that my work gets done. You either learn to time manage or you master the art of multitasking- very important skills that will reap benefits far beyond our years at UCI. 

But what do you watch next after completing these tiny eight-episode series within a week, or more realistically, a day? If you are anything like me, the desperation will challenge you to make due with what you have and explore your options- so, I moved on to international Netflix shows! To some, subtitles are a turn-off, but they are well-worth it if it means that you’re able to comprehend all the drama, the twists and turns, or the humorous content. After much analysis and research of the Netflix market, here’s what I found and binged:


1. Elite

Source: Netflix

Drama, crime, and suspense, all pressed by the mystery of a girl’s murder. The dynamic in the school transforms into a witch hunt of sorts as tensions run high as the wealthy and the scholarship students constantly buttheads pointing fingers at each other all throughout the investigation. The scholarship students are ostracized from the rest of the school, making them the perfect scapegoats for the murder, but the events leading up to the murder paint a completely distorted and thrilling picture of what really happens. The appeal to this show is simply that you will never be bored! The complex lives of these troubled youths only stir the pot and will leave your mouth gaping at the end of every episode because it’s just that crazy. Just wait until you find out the identity of the murderer!


2. Baby

Source: Netflix

Continuing with the theme of troubled rich kids, this flick is set in an affluent neighborhood in Rome, where not everything is what it seems. Think Gossip Girl with a dark and criminal twist- (and in Italian). I was drawn to this show because of  the allure of the true story that it is based on: the Italian political scandal that dealt with a child prostitute ring of wealthy female minors who were being exploited by some high-profile individuals. More so, I was drawn by the unlikely circumstances that led these girls living upper-class lives to allow themselves to be sexually exploited on purpose. You come to realize that these girls have a secret: they lead extremely complicated and restricted lives that they must conceal from the rest of society to be accepted. Their way out: prosititution, at least in their minds. This show is so controversial, but so good.


3. Derry Girls

Source: Netflix

This Irish show is witty comedic gold with a side of political references to the Northern Ireland conflict via the perspective of a tight-knit group of teens who attempt to live out the normal adolescent lives in the midst of all the chaos. You get sucked into their shenanigans, like when they got their five minutes of fame for witnessing a supposed religious miracle, and their experiences maneuvering their strict Catholic highschool headed by their savage headmistress/nun who sasses anyone and everyone- yup, even priests.The highlight of this show for me is also that it can get deep, as well as superficially entertain you and provide those feel-good vibes. Definitely something to watch when you want you need a good laugh!


4. The Hookup Plan

Source: Netflix

A Parisian romance involving a romantic and a male escort, will they work out? This French Romcom literally gives you a Pretty Woman dynamic in reverse. The male escort is hired by the main character’s (Elsa) meddling, overbearing friends to help her get over her cheating ex. Little do they know how much the male escort (Jules) will help Elsa forget her ex, but the truth has to come out sooner or later as Jules’ guilt eats at him. This unconventional romance leaves you rooting for the escort to win the girl’s heart, but full disclosure: Elsa’s clumsy, naive demeanor annoyed me and I thought Jules deserved so much better. However, this show is great because it’s so relatable when it comes to the close group of friends because they are all young adults who are all at different stages in their life just trying to find meaningful relationships. This show is basically an extended romcom movie that has two seasons!


Once again, I have reached that time when everything has slowed down until the next set of exams, in which I will stressfully binge watch and study. So Netflix, please step up your game! I cannot wait a year after each cliffhanger, it’s not right. Until then, I will be patiently waiting for my next obsession to mysteriously emerge, whether in English or not.