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What’s in Her Bag: Jen Nguyen

Name: Jen Nguyen
Year: Sophomore
Major: Public Health Sciences
Contents: Coach wallet, antique camera iPhone case, Sephora compact mirror, Victoria’s Secret hydrating body lotion in Pear Glacé, CVS hand sanitizer, Scripps Memorial Hospital first aid kit, American Heart Association CPR certificate, Thinkthing canvas pencil bag, KSC multi-colored pen, Pocket 6.8 retractable eraser, Softlips lip protectant in vanilla, Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Pass, Orbit Gum in Wintermint, pink miniature post-it notes, prayer card, Boston Lobster keychain, iPhone earplugs

On her iPhone case: My coworker got it for me when she went to China. I really like it because it’s weird and different. People always ask me if I can use to take actual pictures by pushing the buttons-- I wish it could!
Getting personal: My grandma is really religious and gave me this card before I left for college. It was originally a Vietnamese prayer card and she taped on a picture that she took herself of communion bread with a ring of light around it. She gave it to me as a symbol of protection while I’m in college and I keep it tucked in my wallet.
On her health-related background: I got the first aid kit while volunteering at Scripps Memorial Hospital in San Diego when I was in high school. I tend to carry it round because I’m a bit of a klutz. I also got CPR certified in 2010 when I started my internship at Hoag Hospital as a Clinical Care Extender. I talk to a lot of patients and help them with simple tasks like bathing and giving out comfort care. Luckily, I haven’t had to perform CPR! 


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