UCI Men's Volleyball Team: Back to Back Wins

Last weekend was homecoming weekend at UCI, and it was filled with multiple sports games. From two volleyball games to a basketball game, UCI brought in win after win. The UCI men’s volleyball team had a game on Friday night, and another the very next day.

PC: UCI Men's Volleyball Team Facebook Page 

The men’s team played UCLA on Friday night, and they definitely brought the thunder to the Bren Center. The starting lineup included #7 Aaron Koubi, #13 Scott Stadick, #3 Tamir Hershko, #5 Michael Saeta, #15 Matthew Younggren, #20 Thomas Hodges, and #12 Dillon Hoffman. The first two sets the team had in the bag, and kept the crowd cheering. Although they kept playing their best in the third and fourth set, it was not until the fifth set that they were able to claim the win against UCLA. But, regardless of the rollercoster ride the crowd went through during the game, the outcome of the game could not have been better. 

PC: UCI Men's Volleyball Facebook Page 

The following day the team played against UCSB, and the starting lineup was the same as the night before. But, this game went a little differently from the night before. UCI was able to win the first and fourth set. By the fifth set, the crowd was a bit uneasy because they could not tell which team would take the win. But, the crowd’s energy was clearly optimistic regardless of the fact that UCI was a few points behind at one point. But, the team was able to efficiently catch up, and the winning point was an epic kill by Tamir Hershko. There were moments when winning seemed unlikey, but the men defeated the odds stacked against them, and brought home the win. The most impressive part of it all was that they were able to keep calm even when on the inisde they might have been freaking out.

The team will be traveling to different cities in the country during the whole month of March, and they will not be playing a game at UCI until Friday, April 7th. Mark your calenders and join the team as the take on Standford at the Bren Center. Good luck during the month of March! We cannot wait to watch you defeat Standford on April 7th.