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Three Ultra-Cheap Costumes for Halloween

Are you a broke-as-heck college student? Are you looking for cheap costumes that require neither effort nor money? Then you’ve come to the right place! Here are three really cheap costumes that cost basically nothing. The lameness can be an instant conversation starter to any Halloween party you decide to turn up at. 

1. A College Student during Finals

Pull out those stained sweatpants and t-shirts from high school, because its finals week! Who cares about what you look like when you have to cram weeks’ worth of material into one night. Accessorize with a coffee mug, God knows you’ll need it.

Cost: Nothing! Show off those stained and torn clothes (but comfy) you wear exclusively on lazy days when you know no one will see you.

2. Typical SoCal Bro

Get them khaki shorts and tank tops, and put your favorite Drake record on, the #turnup is real tonight. Accessorize with high white socks and your favorite snapback, and you’re good to go!

Cost: None! You might have some clothes in your closet. If not, ask your guy friends to borrow theirs. It’s not that weird, I promise.


3. A Real Ghost

Don’t let people think that ghosts are just white sheets with cut-out holes because they aren’t. They were people once too. So just dress as you usually do. Look a little deader by waking up a couple hours earlier. And there you go.

Cost: None! You’re priceless.

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