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These 4 People Are Not Your Basic TikTokers

Late-time boredom, an epidemic that we all recognize in college. The cure ranges from scrolling miles through my socials or binging a whole season of a show. But when you have an early class and you need a quick fix, Tiktok is the happy medium! Mindless, quick entertaining content that could have you relating hard or laughing. From my brief time in the world of TikTok, I’ve realized how saturated the app is of Charli D’amelio-type dancers, E-boys, comedians, etc. So if you’re looking for something different, let me shine a light on some TikTokers who are truly breaking through the grain of the usual TikTok content.

  1. The Life Coach

Where was @ericpatel1999 when I was in highschool?! From resumes to FAFSA, Eric devotes his TikTok account to life basics that school just doesn’t teach teens entering college. Let’s face it, many of us in college barely know how to do half of the stuff that Eric’s teaching so catch me watching his TikToks to learn how it’s done! This man even does live streams every week where you can get live help directly from Eric. He’s really trying to educate these kids out there–and some adults too!

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Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

  1. The Dora Explora Impersonator

@supershaund is by far my favorite Dora Explora on TikTok! Shaun doesn’t just impersonate Dora, he brings her to life. Dora is transformed into this bad b*tch with a fiery attitude and a raving love affair with her cousin Diego, for added depth of course. How scandy! Diego makes an appearance on these TikToks too, played by no other than Shaun himself. I applaud Shaun for corrupting Dora’s image and hope he continues to do so for more hilarious and quality content!

  1. The Clout Tempter

I see you @Gucci (more like through you)! I realize that TikTok is your new way to stay relevant, but was it a good move? Let’s just say that some of Gucci’s content is just not it. Like what’s up with all the weird dancing? They’re not even dancing to trendy music or performing dance challenges. Surprisingly enough, I actually did enjoy a select few of their videos and I would actually like to encourage them to continue in the direction of the video content like that of the dancing elderly twin gals or the spinning woman with changing outfits (all Gucci, of course). Would I follow them? That’s still a no from me.

  1. The TV Celebrity

@bobsaget is really good at those dad jokes and showing fatherly love in “Full House.” Maybe too good? His TikToks give me that older dad vibe, like he’s not even trying on social media. Or is he? I’m really not sure because the videos are really bad, but I also feel bad for him because it does look like he’s enjoying himself in these videos. Like the one video of him lip-syncing to Lil Nas X’s “Old Time Road”, the added horse prop was bizzare and cringey. Well, at least he still has acting to fall on if TikTok doesn’t work out!

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Kon Karampelas

Being a Gen Z-er, I have tried my hand at TikTok and it was not as easy as it looks. Those test-run videos have been destroyed, deleted, and forgotten forever, much to my delight. So I’d like to thank and give props to those content creators who actually offer quality content that can stand out in the sea of basicness and copycats! 


Kimberly is a third year Economics major, minoring in Management at UCI. As a California-native, her inspiration draws from nature, friends, her Spotify playlists and French-pressed coffee.
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