Summer Nostalgia: My Trip to Hawaii

Have you ever imagined yourself sunbathing in the sand in Hawaii? Well, let me tell you how wonderful and relaxing it is. Visiting Hawaii for the first time has changed my entire perspective about swimming in the ocean. I used to think that all ocean water was dirty and gross because people urinate and salivate in it. But thinking about it now, I'd love to go swimming in Hawaii again.

Before I arrived in Hawaii, all I could think about was the beautiful blue, sea green beaches that surrounded the island. This imagined clear blue water and beautiful scenery appeared before me when I went to Kawaikui Beach. I also got to explore other beaches including Hanamuma Bay, Waikiki, and the three lagoons that were right behind the Disney Resort and Spa. They were all so captivating. Just walking along the shore of each beach was not enough for me. I jumped into the ocean with my swim fins and goggles to spot fishes that were close by the rocks. My first snorkeling experience blew my mind. I only ever saw people snorkel on television shows and movies, and now I was experiencing for myself, seeing fish up close. 

This summer trip was the best I’ve ever had. I would definitely go back if I had the chance to. The hikes and views were incredibly astonishing, there were more water activities than you can imagine, and the weather was always awesome (if you’re not afraid of getting a little sunburned and tanned).