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Stephen Bautista ’12

Name: Stephen Bautista
Major: Sociology
Year: 4th
Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA

Relationship Status: Forever alone.

Favorite TV shows/Movies: My favorite TV shows right is Walking Dead and Adventure Time.

Idea of a perfect date: If I were to be taken out? Or if I was to take them out? I think my answer might be inappropriate for the internet.

Campus Involvement: PASS, KABA, Starbucks

Your motto: 99 percent of the time it works all of the time.

Dream Job: Travel the world, or be a firefighter. Or travel the world fighting fires in exotic places.

What do you look for in a girl?: Someone who loves music as much as I do, is open-minded and isn’t shy to fart in front of me but doesn’t try out fart me in the process because that’s just heading down a dark path, nah mean. OH. Also smart, funny, and good looking.

Deal breakers: Close-minded and unimaginative. BORING

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