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Returning to Girlhood Through Fashion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Irvine chapter.

As women who are entering womanhood and becoming an adult, it is easy to dream of the past and miss parts of yourself that you forgot about. Missing girlhood is something that is apparent today for women who want to bring back their girliness and embrace their girlhood. It is especially on the minds of women who denied themselves of being too girly or too feminine in the past. Women who once thought “I’m not like other girls” are now embracing being like other girls. Wearing pink, bows, and frilly socks are all hyper-feminine components, and rather than denying themselves of being hyper-feminine, people are leaning into it more than ever. 


The color pink is prominent in the hyper-feminine craze. People are getting everything in baby pink. This especially resonates with those who want to reject femininity during their girlhood. As young girls, they might have rejected liking the color pink and now they desire everything in the color. As for the girls who have always loved pink, it’s all the more reason to love it!

Bows and Ribbon

Bows and ribbons are also on the rise; whether it’s on your clothes or in your hair, they are making a revival. Bows are everywhere— through jewelry, hair accessories, clothing, socks, and even shower curtains. This is something that is widely accessible to people, some people already have ribbons at home or they can go to a craft store and buy ribbons for a cheap price. It’s something easy yet effective to make anything stand out and look more feminine. 

Frilly Socks

Frilly socks are a fashion accessory that many women used to wear as a little girl. Frilly or lacy socks today are typically paired with Mary Janes, loafers, heels, or flats. This mimics a babydoll look that many women used to rock in their youth.

Certain fashion designers are contributing to the rise of girly motifs even in high fashion. Sandy Liang is a relatively newer fashion brand, as it was first founded in 2014. Its founder who shares the name of the brand, Sandy Liang, largely draws inspiration from her own girlhood and the nostalgia that comes from becoming a woman and missing pieces of your girlhood that you haven’t revisited for a while. Liang has quickly gained popularity due to her designs that mimic the cuteness and whimsy that represent a more girly style. A plethora of her designs include pink and bows and seeing these themes on the runway at her fashion shows reiterates that this trend might be here to stay. 

Another high fashion brand, Simone Rocha, included bows on their runway in a way never seen before. Simone Rocha added bows to the faces of their runway models making it appear as “bow tears,” demonstrating how versatile this hyper-feminine era can be. 

Final Thoughts

As for me personally, I have been thoroughly enjoying the resurgence of pink, bows, and everything in between. Although fashion trends come and go, this one has proven that it is here to stay awhile. 

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