The Perfect Study Tool


Have you ever had trouble studying for an exam or just working on homework in general? Well, here’s a tool that can help you efficiently manage your time and aid you in studying. The tool is an app called Forest and it was created to help people stay off their phones and stay focused on their work. I’ve recently downloaded this app after going to a workshop on campus that taught us how to manage our schedule and stay focused on school. The cool thing about Forest is that during the time that you’re studying, you’re planting a tree that will be added to your garden. Each tree represents the amount of time you spent doing homework or studying. But if during the time you’re tree is growing and you use your phone, which means leaving the app, your tree will die and it will stay as a withered tree in your garden.

This app allows you to adjust the time range of how long you want to study for. For each time interval that you select, there will be a different kind of tree shown. You will also receive virtual coins for every tree you plant and when you reach a certain amount, a new tree can be unlocked. The more time you spend growing a tree, the more virtual coins you get. Also, as a new day starts, you will establish a new garden depending on the amount of time you spent studying or working. On their website, they also mentioned that the app partners with a real-tree planting organization, which means that by using Forest, you are helping to plant new trees on the earth. How awesome is that? It’s an impressive win-win situation. You should give the app a try!