Mini Getaway to Vancouver

Have you ever wanted to visit Vancouver, BC? Well, if you’re planning for a short trip up there, here’s a guide to what you should can do and see. 

Before leaving for your trip, make sure you plan ahead of time and look for a place to stay. I would recommend looking for an Airbnb or cheap hotel in the city of Richmond since most of the shops and sightseeing places are here. Make sure you check the weather since it varies over. Their summer over there is compared to our fall season here. So, it really doesn’t get that hot there. 

Things to try/visit: 

1. Tim Hortons (This is a fast food place!): you can get almost everything here and you have to give their Ice Capp (O.M.G. it’s so bomb, cheap and comparable to Starbucks) 

2. T & T Supermarket: This market literally has a food court inside along with a dim sum place where you can order take-out for as little as $3 CAD. 

3. Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge: This is free entry and they have a hiking trail for you once you cross the bridge is you are interested in doing the hike. The bridge is shorter than the Capilano suspension bridge (entry cost is about $35), but you can still get the feel of being on this bridge since there is a waterfall underneath. 

4. Metropolis Mall: This is located in the city of Burnaby which is about 15 mins from the city of Richmond and metropolis is the biggest mall in Vancouver. Definitely stop by before leaving Vancouver!

5. Chinatown: They have a China garden that you can walk through for free and learn some history about. There aren't a lot shops that are open because the people living there branched out and moved to the city of Richmond. 

6. Granville Island: This is where you can see the city and take tours on a boat to the other side and back. There is a pier that you can walk on to take pictures and little shopping stands inside. 

These are mostly the places that I had the chance to visit when I was there (for four days) and it was awesome because I got to see my first snowfall in the city (since it was that cold!). Hope you enjoy reading this article! Below are some pictures from Granville Island and Cypress Mountain.