Man Forcibly Dragged Off United Airplane

United Airlines has once again hit a nerve with the public. Earlier on Monday, a man was forcibly taken and dragged out of the aircraft carrier after refusing to give up his seat. In this video posted by Jayse D. Anspach (@JayseDavid) on Twitter, you can hear the man screaming in protest as the police officer forcibly pulls him out of his seat. 

Many of you may be thinking, what caused this whole ordeal? 

Well, according to NBC News a witness shared that "the ordeal began after the airline said the flight was overbooked and asked four customers to leave the plane and take a flight the following day.” However, since no one wanted to leave, United was forced to randomly select passengers to leave. 

Tyler Bridges, a witness who also posted a video to Twitter stated that the man in question, “says he’s a doctor and has to be in Louisville in the morning to see patients.” 

Following the incident, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz submitted a statement apologizing for “having to re-accommodate these customers” and that they are, “also reaching out to this passenger to talk directly to him and further address and resolve this situation.”