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As college students, we all have busy schedules, and some days it might feel like there just isn’t enough time for yourself. It might be hard to find time for solitude, but making sure to incorporate the things that make you happy can ease your stress. I’ve come to know that by just spending a little time for yourself, it will help you understand yourself better and elevate your mood. It’s also the best way to recharge throughout the day. Carving in at least half an hour for yourself can help you reenergize and get on with your day a whole lot better. Check out these ideas to help focus on yourself: 

Table for One

Eating out with friends is a common social activity we all engage in, but one thing I try to do more often is have a lunch date with myself. This, I admit, is something I wasn’t always quite comfortable with. However, I’ve now come to realize how blissful it is when you take your time to enjoy your food while out alone. If you’re somewhat self-conscious about eating by yourself, try listening to your favorite podcast or bury your head in that book you’ve been meaning to read. Eating while unaccompanied allows you to slow down and savor the food, but also the precious time you have to yourself.



Before going to bed, consider spending a little bit of time to jot down a few things. Journaling is a perfect way to record your feelings and reflect upon your day or your thoughts from the day or organize your future goals. Want to change some of your habits to increase your productivity time? Writing things down will help you reach whatever your ambitious plans may be.


Take a Bath

Pampering yourself is always a good idea because sometimes we forget to allow ourselves to unwind. When taking a bath, create a relaxed atmosphere by lighting some candles or adding in calming bath salts. Use this time to take care of your body while simultaneously clearing your mind. The goal is to destress and achieve a sense of serenity after a demanding day.


Watch the Sunrise

If you’re a morning person, or want to be one, try waking up early enough to watch the sunrise with your coffee in one hand and a pastry in the other. If you can’t seem to find time throughout the day for yourself, waking up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise can help you gain a little private time. While it can be hard to make youreself get out of bed that early, it’s well worth starting your day off by admiring what mother nature has to offer. Furthermore, there is just something about sunrises that help you realize what you truly care about.


Aishah Yosof

UC Irvine '20

First-year transfer student. Sociology major, Political Science minor.
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