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Something I have consistently struggled with throughout my writing career is writer’s block. Writer’s block is a temporary condition where a writer has difficulty creating and/or writing. In my case, writer’s block is a natural part of my creative process. I go through periods of constant creation, writing down everything I possibly can — in case I forget something — then comes the time where I run out of ideas. My brain runs out of thoughts, I lose motivation, and I end up spending my free time mindlessly scrolling through social media instead of being creatively productive. Whenever I find myself experiencing writer’s block, I tend to question what exactly my brain needs to be inspired. Over time, I have gathered various tips and tricks to help me whenever I experience moments where I struggle to write. 

Change Up Your Routine

The first thing I do when I am feeling uninspired is change up my routine. It can be easy to fall into the same cycle of tasks to do everyday, and while I do believe a solid routine is needed to create a balanced schedule, it can be boring repeating the same tasks, in the same order everyday. The change(s) can be as simple as getting tea instead of coffee one morning. Or it could involve doing your assignments and chores in a different order than usual. It is really as simple as that! I find that having a new routine allows new thoughts to flow, and really gets my creative juices flowing.

Read a New Book

If you have a spare moment, put down your phone and pick up a new book. It does not matter if you’re in the middle of a book you started two months ago, just trust me when I say you need to pick up a new book. Whenever I feel uninspired, I look at my bookshelf and pick a book I have not read yet. Reading is an activity that has always brought me inspiration. From complex characters, to detailed world building, I love reading a new novel and being able to take apart and admire the different aspects of it. As of late, I have been gravitating towards literary fiction when I am creatively burnt out. Currently, I am immersed in Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney, which has been exactly what I needed to help me out of my stale mindset. 

Listen to New Music

Similar to reading, music always makes my thoughts more imaginative. I love imagining various scenes and stories to songs, so whenever I find myself in an unimaginative state, I turn to some new music. As much as I love my comfort artists and my well-thought-out Spotify playlists, the repetition of listening to the same songs/playlists can allow my brain to tune it out. Whenever I listen to a new song or a new artist, I am constantly actively listening to the lyrics, melodies, and instrumentals. New music makes me think more actively, and this active thinking connects to my creative side. And hey, new content always calls for a review!

Writer’s block is simultaneously one of the worst things a writer can experience, but it can also be really helpful. It can allow someone to change up their habits, and find new ways to be inspired by everyday life. It also allows one to reflect on what sparks their creativity, since everyone’s brain works differently at the end of the day. As I write this, I, myself, am getting out of a moment of writer’s block. This one has not been as bad as some of the other periods I’ve experienced, but it has still been inconvenient. Funnily enough, I would not have written this article if I had not changed up my routine today. I created some time for me to be left alone with my thoughts, and this article basically fell out of the sky and into my lap. It can be difficult being a writer sometimes, but it would be harder to remain permanently uninspired in such a creative world.

Kat Riggsby

UC Irvine '25

Kat Riggsby (Capricorn) is a second-year English major at the University of California, Irvine. When she's not dancing around her room to the latest Taylor Swift album, she can be found reading tarot, writing, and daydreaming up her next big scheme.