How to Glow Up in 2019

With 2019 well underway, it’s time to swap out our holiday sweat pants for a pair of running tights because this is the year we live our best lives. Let’s take better care of ourselves and glow up! That means looking and feeling our best.

1. Stay Hydrated

Let’s make it a habit to stay hydrated. Start off the morning with a glass of water. Not only does this boost your metabolism, but it flushes out bodily toxins and promotes skin health and a clear complexion. To stay hydrated throughout the day, keep a reusable bottle of water at hand.


2. Take Care of Your Skin

Before heading out, wash your face with a gentle face cleanser and applying moisturizer and sunscreen. My personal favorite face cleanser to use in the morning is Origin's "A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea."  Afterwards, I apply DR. JART+Cicapair ™ Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30. At night, remember to wash your face and remove all makeup. Before going to bed, apply toner, use a few drops of face serum, then apply eye cream and a night cream moisturizer, such as the Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream Face Moisturizer.


3. Clean Up Your Diet

You hear it all the time. What you put into your body affects the way you look and feel. Try to be more conscious of how much sugar, fat, salt and oil have been added to your food. This is substantially more difficult if you eat out, so I would suggest learning a couple easy recipes and cooking your own meals using simple ingredients. It doesn’t hurt to incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your diet as well!


4. Work Out

Lift weights, run, climb, swim! Whatever it may be, get moving to grow stronger. If you don’t have the time to go out and exercise, try using resistance bands at home to work out your arms, glutes and thighs. If you’re a UCI student, take full advantage of the ARC and all the machines and equipment. Don’t know where to start? Try looking up easy workout routines on YouTube or Instagram.


5. Step Up Your Wardrobe

This year let’s be more fashion forward. Throw on a pair of plaid pants, snazzy shades and chunky boots! Find clothes that make you look and feel fierce.


6. Learn Something New

Pick up a new skill, listen to a podcast or read an online article! Do something that feeds your curiosity, whether you want to learn about ancient Roman civilizations, marine life or dogs!


7. Surround Yourself with Positivity

Positivity and self-love are key to looking and feeling your best. Surround yourself with people who will make you smile and laugh. If finding the right group of people is a challenge, join a club on campus or introduce yourself to a classmate or coworker. Remember to be the light in other people’s lives because the best way to feel love is to share it.