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Hipster Coffee Shops for Your Studying Needs

The term “hipster” has various definitions depending on how the individual sees it. “Hipster” can be used to describe someone who rejects all things mainstream. It can also describe places that are not commonly visited, places such as coffee shops that are low-key, unlike Starbucks. For college students, finding study spots is crucial, especially during midterms and finals weeks. Studying on campus can become boring and the ambience may not suit your needs anymore. Studying requires coffee, but you do not want to go where everyone else is going because chances are, those places will be too crowded. In order to answer your question of where else to study, here is a compiled list of alternative coffee shops you can study at that are “hipster.” Nonetheless, these coffee shops are located in Anaheim, Downtown Fullerton, and Artesia. To fulfill your studying needs and, at the same time, acquire “hipster” status, you may have to sacrifice some gas. However, the drive will be worth it.

Tranquil Tea Lounge

Located in Downtown Fullerton (DTF), Tranquil Tea Lounge has a modern, urban atmosphere that attracts people of all ages. They possess a unique list of teas – a list that you, guaranteed, are not familiar with — and pride themselves in serving only high-quality, premium, and organic teas. Not only that, but they also have food and desserts for you to choose from. This is not a coffee shop but a tea lounge, so finding your coffee fix may prove to be difficult here. However, tea also serves as caffeine so that can be your alternative. The fact that it is premium and organic already gets bonus points because it is healthier than addictive coffee. With stress building up during midterms and finals weeks, it is better to relax yourself in an urban setting where they serve teas that will soothe, not stimulate, your stress.

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(Image source: Yelp)

Cafe Maji

This cute, Korean coffee shop has two locations: Arcadia and Artesia, the latter having opened just recently. What brings people here are the decor, the ambience, the desserts, and the drinks, which are served with adorable coffee art. They also serve food, but depending on what you order, it can be a hit or miss. What needs to be stressed about this place is that their employees are not always attentive because it is a relaxed atmosphere. They are in no hurry nor do they show it, but they will attend to you if you ask. The setting is reminiscent of a vintage school where their menus are small spiral notebooks and their shelves contain cute little trinkets. There are plenty of tables for people to study or dine at. Artesia is quite farther than the others listed, so if you do not mind driving then definitely give this place a shot.

(Image source: Yelp)

(Image source: Yelp)

The Night Owl

If you are searching for a coffee shop that opens late at night, then look no further. The Night Owl closes at 2 a.m. and is also located in DTF. They describe themselves as a bohemian coffee shop with true originality. What makes them stand out are their local art exhibits, open mics, and live music. The drinks are organic, which explains the high prices but depending on how well your taste buds adjust, you may find the drinks to be worth every penny. Should you find the need to take a break from your studying while you are here and there is an open mic session, you might as well jump at the opportunity. What may deter you from visiting is the dark lighting, and perhaps even the music and open mics, but if you do not mind this sort of ambience then you might want to make a trip soon.

(Image source: thenightowlfullerton.com)

(Image source: The Fresh Greens – Youtube)

Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders has an industrial aesthetic — the wooden chairs with metal pipes, the silver, cylindrical lights, the “garage door” that serves as an entrance or an exit but also an outlet for the outside breeze to come through. The coffee is brewed fresh and you can see this because of all the machines as well as the warehouse that stores all the coffee bags. Picky coffee lovers may find this place to be the answer to your needs — both coffee-drinking and studying-wise. There are plenty of tables and outlets as well as natural lighting that will make your studying experience probably the best you ever had. You will find fellow students studying in complete relaxation with an empty mug next to their books or laptop. The coffee is no joke, but at the end of the day, you will be the judge of that if you decide to come here.

(Image source: bodhileafcoffee.com)

(Image source: Yelp)

(Image source: Yelp)

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