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Going Beyond a Pretty Face: Ryan Gosling in A Place Beyond the Pines



I’m not going to lie. Like most women, I had ulterior motives in wanting to see Derek Cianfrance’s newest film A Place Beyond the Pines. Luckily for me, I was not disappointed in Gosling’s puppy dog bleach blonde nineties good looks, nor was the film lacking in an ambitious script and dazzling film techniques, making this film a must see for anyone in the mood for visually stunning faces and cinematography.

While running a tad bit long at 140 minutes, Cianfrance’s three part rendition of this ambitious novel blockbuster paces slowly as it crosses through different perspectives of three men and their struggle with right and wrong. Gosling’s character, Luke Glanton, is a carnie motorcyclist stuntman who turns to robbing banks with his unique skill set to support his ex-lover Romina (Eva Mendes), and they’re love child. Things quickly go wrong when he is forced to go head to head with rookie cop Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper) who must come to terms with the corruption within his own precinct, and later himself as his own son Al (Harris Yulin) befriends Glanton’s child, Jason (Dane DeHaan) against his wishes.

While switching narrative styles as seen from both sides of the law and also through different generations, Cianfrance tries to show the ripple effects of crime and cultural unfair advantages. All the characters show superb acting skill, and after seeing Bradley Cooper’s performance one can even wonder why it was only his loveable costar in Silver Linings Playbook that won the Oscar. All in all, A Place Beyond the Pines is a great view for either the cinephile or fan girl, and Gosling does not disappoint in his characteristic acting roles that vary in cuteness, violence, and downtrodden luck. He is exceptional at making viewers believe him and simultaneously fall for yet another one of his characters: the adorably tatted up Luke Glanton.

Hi!My name is Sarah Johnston and I'm 22 years old. I'm a double major in English and Film, and can quote any movie I've ever seen, just ask!
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