Girls' Generation



For someone who has been in martial arts for 8 years, I want to let you know that it is something that I thought I would never commit to. Here’s why:

1. There are not many females interested in this particular field

2. Many people think that it should only be for males

3. Doing martial arts is considered unfeminine

Although these factors hold true, there are still many people who take up martial arts as a hobby or a job. Being in this field is a hard thing to do. I remember when I first joined back in June of 2011. Everything was just so hard to take in because I did not join out of interest, but instead forced into it by my mother. She wanted my sister and I to learn some self-defense in which we can use if something bad happens.

I hated it. This was not something I enjoyed because everything was just so intense. Just from the warm-up sessions that we do in the first half hour tired us out. Then following that were bag kicks. They were not as bad, but it was still rigorous. 

After a year or so, we started learning different techniques such as judo, forms, and lion dancing. It wasn’t until this time around that I started liking martial arts and want to learn everything that they had to teach. I find it so interesting that I would stay after practice to watch what the instructors were doing and how much they were enjoying it.

At that time, I told myself that I want to be just like them in a few years, and it happened. Throughout these past 8 years, I’ve learned more than enough to be able to teach the new generations,and leave an impression on them so they would want to do what I do. Now, things are just so different. I think the first year for me was all about endurance, and a test to see whether or not I was committed to this organization.