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As we settle into the New Year, you might be trying to stick to your resolutions; for some of us that may include picking up a new hobby. I must admit during my downtime, I often find myself watching the same TV shows over and over again thinking I can better spend my time learning a new skill. And although finding a new hobby that fits your personality and your busy schedule may seem daunting, I’ve compiled a list of hobbies that are not only easy, but something you may even enjoy doing.


1. Cooking/Baking

Knowing how to cook for yourself is basic survival 101: a skill that will last your entire life. Therefore, since everyone has to eat, why not actually learn how to make the stuff you like? The best thing about this hobby is experimentation. A great way to start is by checking out food blogs to cover the basics while also expanding your culinary abilities. This hobby only requires fresh ingredients (which don’t cost much) and essential kitchen utensils and appliances. It’ll definitely come in handy when trying to impress friends and family, so give it a try!


2. Blogging

If you’re a creative person who loves to express what’s on their mind, blogging can be a great way to document your life or show off your passion. Whether your passion is fashion, health, or writing, blogs are an amazing platform to utilize. This is one of the most inexpensive hobbies on the list because all you need is access to a computer and your thoughts. And who knows? Maybe your blog might take off and blossom into a future career!


3. Calligraphy

This might be an unusual hobby for some, considering it's basically just writing, but the art of calligraphy is growing in popularity. TTo help you get started, there’s an array of YouTube tutorials for beginners. It’s a surprisingly affordable hobby because the only essentials include calligraphy pens, which you can find on Amazon or at your local craft shops, and a pad of paper to practice. This is also unique way to display your craftsmanship and sincerity when writing a birthday card to a loved one.


4. Hiking

If you’re an outdoorsy person or want to become one, this hobby lets you explore nature while also getting a workout in. Encourage your friends to tag along with you after a stressful week of school and breathe in the fresh air. You might not get any WiFi while hiking so this will let you disconnect from social media. However, your mind and body will thank you for it. You don’t need any special gear, just some good ol’ sneakers and a bottle of water to keep you hydrated.



Aishah Yosof

UC Irvine '20

First-year transfer student. Sociology major, Political Science minor.
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