Daily Routine to Beautiful Skin

Have you ever struggled with serious acne and acne scars on your face? Well, I have and let me tell you what I have done to lessen the scars and the random pop-up of pimples here and there. First of all, everyone has different skin types and the products that I use may be different from the ones that you use. But I just want to talk about the general ‘daily routine’ that you should have to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. A simple, daily skin care routine only requires three to four steps where you can do it once in the morning and once at night before heading to bed.


  1. Cleansing: This first step is used for cleaning any residue, leftover makeup, or excess oil that you may have on face. Every skin type is different, so choose the one best suited for your skin! (Before this, make sure to know what skin type you have!)

  2. Exfoliating (Optional): This step is optional; but what it does is that it helps scrub off any dead skin cells that have build up on your skin. Doing this step also helps takes off excess dirt that have been clogged in your pores. Exfoliation doesn’t need to be done very often, maybe just once or twice a week because too much can cause dryness of the skin.

  3. Toner: This is helpful for people who have oily or acne-prone skin because it refreshes the skin and helps to restore the skin’s pH level at the same time.

  4. Moisturizer: This step is super important because after doing all of the previous steps, your face is probably already all naked and possibly a little dry so you want to replenish the skin. This also helps keep the skin hydrated.

  5. Sunscreen (Daytime only): This step is recommended because it prevents premature aging and skin cancer. It will also help the products absorb better if there was a layer of protection.


This is my daily skincare routine (minus the sunscreen), and doing this everyday will really change your skin and make it a lot smoother and brighter than it was before. Skipping a step or not doing this routine at all makes me feel that my face is really gross because of all the dirt and oil that accumulates throughout the whole day. Cleansing and moisturizing is also a must-do even though you may not be comfortable with it. This routine only takes about 20 minutes of your time. Think of it as break away from school work!


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