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          Many say music is the window to the soul. Well, here’s your window. Collegiettes, Lykke Li is an exceptional, spunky memoirist singer who masters in the arts of indie music. Her simple, unconventional, and atypical style of music serves as refreshing organic food for the soul and it tastes so sweet.

          Born in Ystand, Sweden, twenty-four year old singer “Lykke Li” Zachrisson is a brilliant product of a mother photographer and a father musician. It’s no wonder the Swedish female vocalist and songwriter is a multi-faceted musical achievement. Her melodic indie-pop style fuses various elements of electronic, soul, and borderline alternative, while cherry-topping it all off with her sugar-sweet vocals. The usage of various instruments is also apparent in many of her songs to supplement her vocals such as but not limited to the violin, saxophone, and trumpet (Play: Until We Bleed- Kleerup feat.Lykke Li).

          Lykke Li’s first album, Youth Novels, released in 2008, is a composite of naïve-sounding yet intelligent tracks that share her raw incidences of young love with shocking honesty. It is this type of honesty that magnetically attracts and hooks empathizing collegiette listeners and spectators (Play: Little Bit- Lykke Li). Her euphonious voice translates the bittersweet spirit of a personal journey of individual growth into empowered, strong-willed music. Her thematic vibes of breaking free integrate her feminine yet headstrong persona into her tunes; evoking a pattern of soul-wrenching lyrics complimented by strong-pulsed beats. Unfailingly, her stories of loneliness, frustration, and hurt are paralleled and met with independence, inspiration, and resilience. These stories may not be so different from a collegiette’s own personal experiences. Her music offers the collegiette listener a feeling of overcoming trials as well as a sense of conquest.

          Lykke Li has been approached by a diverse, wide-ranged spectrum of musical artists requesting collaborations such as Kings of Leon, Royksopp, and Kanye West (Play: Gifted- N.A.S.A. feat. Kanye West, Lykke Li and Santogold). This just goes to show that Lykke Li’s genre of music is identifiable by many types of audiences, and potentially, hopefully, imaginably you.
Collegiettes Really Should Be Currently Playing Playlist:
1. I Follow Rivers- Lykke Li (The Magician Remix)
2. I’m Good, I’m Gone- Lykke Li (Black Kids Remix)

3. Little Bit- Lykke Li feat. Drake
4. Breaking It Up- Lykke Li (Punks Jump Up Remix)
5. Tonight- Lykke Li

Upcoming Shows in the Los Angeles/Orange County Area:
March 09, 2011
El Rey Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
May 31, 2011
The Wiltern
Los Angeles, CA

Photo from: http://thecsperspective.com/tag/lykke-li/
Bio: http://www.atlanticrecords.com/lykkeli/bio

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