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Collegiette-Tested, Mother-Approved!

Meeting your new boyfriend’s parents for the first time can be extremely nerve-wracking. After all, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. The last thing you want is your ratty t-shirt or too-short skirt to make it into the family dinner conversation the next night. Here are a few of my tips to help you look like someone your boyfriend can be proud to bring home to Mom!


  1. Lunch/Daytime Outing


For a daytime activity, such as a lunch or matinée, you want to look effortlessly cute and casual, yet feminine. This chevron printed dress in a classic A-line cut makes a bold statement while remaining modest. Avoid showing too much cleavage and make sure your hemline passes the traditional Catholic school “fingertip test.” Opt for simple jewelry that will not compete for attention or rattle as you walk. Don’t be afraid to add a little more personality with a pop of fun color as I did with my coral sandals.



  1. Dinner


When heading out to meet your guy’s family for dinner, go for a look that is both polished and ladylike. Save your body-con for the club and choose a voluminous circle skirt instead. Add a blouse with interesting details to add a little more character to the otherwise plain outfit. Here I paired my skirt with a lace top embellished with a pearl Peter Pan collar. Finish the look off with an optional layering piece, like a light blazer, to cover up. As for shoes, avoid nervously tripping over your feet all night with a pair of simple neutral flats.



  1. Family Party


Liven up any family party by choosing an outfit that is both youthful and put-together. Begin with a pair of basic, dark wash skinny jeans for an option that is comfortable, but not sloppy. Pair a vibrant blouse to liven up your look and to make you appear friendly and approachable. The cut-outs in the blouse I chose serve to add a bit of visual interest without revealing too much skin. Since family parties can generally be kind of awkward, opt for accessories that can double as conversation starters. Here I chose my glitzy gold tuxedo slippers and a statement necklace of the same hue.



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