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Collegiette’s Kitchen: Farmer’s Market Fare


The Irvine Farmer’s Market is ranked as one of the best farmer’s markets in Orange County, and with good reason. Chock-full of fresh fruit, veggies, goodies, and samples, the market is a refreshing way to start your Saturday morning. By shopping at the market, you are also supporting local small businesses and sustainable food practices, and if you are a smart shopper, it can also be very affordable. My advice is to always go around the market once before buying anything, as you’ll often find that different vendors sell the same product for cheaper. Almost everything is try before you buy, so there is no buyer’s regret at the farmer’s market.

I like to visit the farmer’s market for fresh products to make wholesome brunches for me and my guy. This week I made a strawberry peach smoothie and a spinach and mushroom omelet.  Individually, either make a quick and healthy breakfast for weekdays. But brunch is two meals, so I made both–obviously.


Ingredients (makes one omelet and smoothie):

Spinach and mushroom omelet

1 egg, 2 egg whites

¼ cup cheese (I used Monterey Jack)

Handful of spinach

½ cup mushrooms

Garlic salt to taste

Strawberry peach smoothie

4 strawberries

2 peaches (I used cute little donut peaches!)

½ frozen banana

½ cup fat free vanilla yogurt


Whisk together egg and egg whites with garlic salt. Begin cooking eggs in a nonstick pan on medium-low heat. Sautee mushrooms in a separate pan for about two minutes.

In the meantime, chop peaches into small pieces. Add chopped peaches, frozen banana, strawberries (remove the green part) and yogurt to a blender. Blend.

Add cheese, mushrooms, and spinach to the omelet and fold it. Cook until cheese melts.

As you can see, some olive bread made its way onto my plate. Apparently it is unacceptable to leave the farmer’s market without fresh baked bread, according to my boyfriend.
Courtney Hamilton is an English major, Literary Journalism Minor and Art History Minor at UC Irvine. She is a Her Campus Editor, Editor in Chief of UC Irvine's alternative magazine Incite, a writer for 7 Deadly Magazine, and an editorial intern at OC Weekly.
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