A Chinese New Year Parade Experience

Have you ever been a part of a parade? Well, I have. Let me tell you how great it is to have an audience surrounding you and watching you perform what you’re great at. I’ve been in martial arts for almost 10 years and this is probably my 8th parade. But out of all these parades, this year was the best one. The reason being that I was able to go up on a triple-decker as the second female in my group.

So what is a triple-decker? It is basically where you do double on a board where there are people around holding the board for support. But what is a double? It’s where you climb on top of someone’s shoulders with the lion head. Being able to do a triple-decker is a huge accomplishment for me. When I was up there, I felt the adrenaline and saw the whole block of people that was in front of me. The feeling was great; it was something that only triple-deckers would know. This upcoming, my group and I are headed to San Francisco for the parade there and hopefully there will be a chance for another triple-decker. Stay tuned!