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3 Reasons Why You Should Liberate Yourself With Bangs

The last time I had bangs, I was a sophomore in high school. I pinned them up in barrettes so none of the pictures I have of that time showcase the bangs, signalling my regret. However, about a month into quarantine, I gave myself bangs again. Now, I highly recommend them to mix things up!  

   1. Be uncomfortable

Growing up, I always flipped to the style guides in magazines that told me “How to Dress for My Body Type” and “What Colors To and Not To Wear for My Skin Color”. While I have largely rejected these beauty standards, I envisioned wispy, curtain bangs for my round face when bringing out the scissors. They did not turn out that way.  

Instead, I ended up with the hair style I had as a child, when I was known as “Dora” instead of “Dory”. I felt younger so there was a period of adjustment.  While it is a hairstyle, the accompanying discomfort provided me the opportunity to move past my personal unease.

   2. Constant newness 

Bangs are unruly. Wearing them straight down doesn’t guarantee they will remain that way, just as pushing my hair back will not assure the bangs stay in place. The unpredictability of the small differences in the mirror excite me. 

Aside from the many ways bangs can be styled, each trim of my bangs reveals a pleasant surprise. I am surprised at the new length after getting accustomed to its previous length. I love the volume it brings. Things feel fresh. It’s a new beginning materialized in symbol whenever I choose.

    3. Sense of Control

As we’ve heard and read time and time again, this is a time of uncertainty. I do not know what tomorrow will bring, but I am in control of my hair. I decide when I will let my hair grow or when to mix things up. Cutting my hair last spring quarter enabled me to exercise control and regain some motivation. Cutting my bangs was the best form of self-care for me!

Getting bangs may be scary, but my only advice is to go for it. After all, you are in control of your life!  

Thank you for reading, take care of yourself!