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Your Guide to Black Friday

 One of my favorite Holidays of the year is right around the corner, and it’s not Thanksgiving or Christmas. It is the holidays of all holidays for shop-a-holics, AKA “BLACK FRIDAY.”  This massive tradition that starts the beginning of Christmas season is only a few days away. Here’s how to score the best deals for the least amount of work:

  1. Make a List: The first step to a successful Black Friday is to create a list of who you want to give presents to, what you want to give them, and gifts that you would like for yourself. Having this list will help you get what you want efficiently and effectively.
  2. Do Your Research: read all the Black Friday Ads to narrow down the stores with the best deals and verify store opening hours. Check out 2011blackfridayads.com and theblackfriday.com for some awesome deals or read our blog post on top stores to visit this Black Friday. 
  3. Plan Your Attack: Make a game plan to defeat crowded Black Friday stores and hard to find parking spots. This includes clever shopping strategies such as having your friend shop as you grab a spot in line at the register.  And if you are going for the “32’in flat screen TV on sale for two hundred dollars,” be ready to arrive at the store 4 hours in advance.
  4. Recruit Friends and/or Family Members: It is essential to have a partner in crime or a shopping team. When the stores become mad houses, having multiple people to carry items and to push carts make the store and your shopping trip easier to manage.  
  5. Execute: Black Friday shopping can be as simple as 1-2-3 but you have to be prepared and informed. The stigma associated with Black Friday creates a chaotic image of people struggling and fighting for the same items. But in reality, if you're prepared, Black Friday is a joyful shopping experience!

If Black Friday sounds like it is not for you, check out Cyber Black Friday online.  Most stores’ online websites participate in this nationwide holiday. The deals may not be as sweet as in stores, but the deals are there and they have free shipping. Good luck and Happy Shopping this holiday season!

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