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Ways to Keep in Touch With Long-Distance Friends

Something they never warn you about when you leave your hometown for college is the long-distance friendships. Whether you’re just an hour away or separated by state or country lines, it’s always nice to let someone important to you know you’re thinking of them. Here are a few thoughtful ways to keep in touch with your long-distance friends, other than the occasional text or call:

#1: Write them a letter or be pen pals.

If you’ve ever watched the movie Her, you understand that there’s a lot of art that goes into a handwritten letter. Unlike a text, a letter is something you can physically keep forever. They’re also highly personalizable, with countless options for papers, inks, and stamps (you can get a nice selection of stamps at your local USPS station or online!). If you’re feeling extra sentimental, add a photo of the two of you or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. 

#2: Send them a postcard.

Most college campuses will have a decent array of postcards showcasing notable campus landmarks or the surrounding city. Not to mention, postcards only cost 50 cents to two dollars each. It’s a great way to share a piece of your life, and it only takes 36 cents to send domestically! 

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#3: Send them food.

A lot of food companies have special delivery options available, such as Insomnia Cookies. You can also use Doordash or Ubereats to send your BFF their favorite lunch or dinner when they’re having a bad day and need a thoughtful pick-me-up.

#4: Plan a virtual movie party.

Coordinate and make a plan to watch a movie together virtually using apps such as Zoom, Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party), Gaze, and more! Make popcorn and buy candy from the convenience store for the full movie night effect. 

#5: Send them flowers.

There are numerous companies that offer same-day delivery for beautiful handmade bouquets. If your budget is a little on the higher side, try Fresh Sends for a stunning, picture-ready floral arrangement. They’re perfect for birthdays and guaranteed to make any flower lover’s day.

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#6: Make them a care package.

Get a padded envelope or small box, and fill it with your friend’s favorite snacks, personal care products (face masks, hand creams, lip balms, etc.), or anything small that reminds you of them. Attach a note, and ship it out to make their day.

#7: Visit them in person.

If it’s not too expensive or you can afford it, try visiting your friends on the weekend in person, or reach out to their college friends to plan a surprise visit! You both can also search for cheap flights to take a much needed vacation together after midterms or finals week.

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