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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

These rankings are based on the criteria of consistency, convenience, uniqueness, variety, and food quality. Rankings are subject to change throughout the semester. 

1. Crossroads

I keep hearing Croads slander but this place is my number one at the moment. Crossroads is consistent with their food; every dish is pretty good on most days. As a freshman who lives in a dorm on Southside, Crossroads is definitely very convenient. Is it unique? I’d say so, yes. There were some things I’ve only had at Crossroads and not at other dining halls including Korean Fried Chicken, waffles from the waffle maker, etc. 

2. Foothill

Foothill is quite far from the southside of campus so that’s a point off for convenience. However, even if you dine in, they have pre-made sandwiches that are wrapped and that you can take to go, which other dining halls don’t have. It’s convenient when you’re in a rush or want a snack for another time. Out of all the times I’ve been there, the food was pretty good, so it seems pretty consistent. 

3. Cafe 3

Cafe 3 is very convenient for sure. Unfortunately, Cafe 3 doesn’t have as many options as the other dining halls and oftentimes it’s difficult for those with food allergies to get meals. The line is often very long, so it’s hard to get seconds and sometimes I leave with my stomach only half-full.

4. Clark Kerr

Hot take, since I keep hearing everyone say, “Clark Kerr has the best food.” It is the farthest dining hall, so that’s a point-off for convenience. They have fried foods every day, which I tend to avoid since I am trying to eat healthier. Another point off for inaccurate menus. At times I walk in with the excitement of being able to eat the dish I saw on the menu, only to be presented with a different dish. However, I will say that their dishes are not bad at all. 

Note: This list was difficult to make because I understand that every dining hall has its good and bad days. I also want to clarify that I am very grateful to all the dining hall staff for working so hard during this pandemic to provide students with food.