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TV Shows to Binge During Your Study Breaks

Even though all of our schedules are probably getting backed up due to upcoming finals, I’ve still been taking a good amount of breaks. Everyone should be spending some time on relaxation, no matter how much work we have. Not only do we all deserve breaks, but they’ll keep us a bit more grounded during these stressful times. For me, there’s no better way to spend a break other than watching a TV show. I’ve recently been hooked on a few, and hopefully one of them captures your attention too:

#1: Imposters

Imposters is about professional con-artist Maddie Jonson without the h — it’s a thing she says — who works under a mysterious and threatening man called the Doctor along with her two partners, Max and Sally. The trio gets assigned to different “marks” or targets that they need to con. For Maddie, her job is to get close to them, become their dream girl, fall in love, and get married. After a few months of living happily together, she drains all of their money and flees, leaving all of her “marks” video footage that basically says if they try to find her, which they won’t be able to do, she’ll expose all of their secrets to everyone they love. The job of Max and Sally is to assist Maddie behind the scenes. 

Spoiler alert: Three of their targets — Ezra Bloom, Richard Evans, and Julia Langmore — actually end up banding together in hopes of being able to track Maddie down and potentially get their money back, which they’re able to achieve...partially. To find out more, you can stream all two seasons on Netflix. If you love a TV show with a mix of comedy, love, action, and plot twists, this one's for you!

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#2: Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a martial arts action-adventure TV show on CW. It’s a mostly all Asian-American cast, which I love and respect so much! Some of the iconic actors and actresses include Tan Kheng Hua and Tzi Ma from Crazy Rich Asians and Olivia Liang from Legacies

The series tells the story of Nicky Shen, a Chinese American girl who abruptly runs away from her home in San Francisco to a monastery in China in hopes of freeing herself from an overbearing mother. After spending three years at the monastery, Nicky is able to find a place that she can truly call home, form a strong relationship with her “shifu,” also known as her teacher, and learn kung fu. However, after an unfortunate event, she loses her “shifu” and home at the monastery, so she’s forced to go back to San Francisco. While figuring out her life back in America, Nicky also tries to uncover what exactly happened at the monastery and uses her new kung fu skills to fight crimes and keep those around her safe. 

There are only two episodes out right now, so I can’t figure it out whether I love it just yet. But so far it’s been a good watch, and I really want to support these Asian American actors and actresses! If you want to show your support, you can stream it for free on CW!

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#3: Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel

Cecil Hotel is an actual hotel located in Los Angeles, and it’s notorious for the amount of deaths and violence that take place there. One of the craziest deaths, in my opinion, is Elisa Lam, a Chinese-Canadian girl who decides to go on a road trip on her own, but instead of coming back home, is found dead in a water tank at Cecil Hotel. Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is an investigative TV show about Elisa’s death. 

There are a lot of conspiracy theories regarding her death that went viral. Some people claim that she was playing the Elevator Game based off of this spooky video and thus, was killed by the ghost. However, this Netflix show demystifies the conspiracy theory by breaking down exactly what happened. If you love watching shows about crime investigations, then you’ll love this one.

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