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Scrolling for hours on Tiktok, especially when I’m hungry, has introduced me to some of the tastiest, most mouth-watering, creative accounts on the app. If you’re cooking dinner in a pinch or trying out a new recipe for your friends, a quick search will usually do the trick, but these creators take food content to a whole new level. With every dish, each creator tells a story with their videos. Keep reading for five TikTok food accounts you never knew you needed.

  1. @cookingforlevi

This chef dad is determined to give his son nothing less than the best, making 2-year-old Levi gourmet meals from scratch. After his signature intro, Levi tells his dad what he wants to eat, and this chef always rises to the challenge. With dishes like blueberry chicken and watermelon gazpacho, Levi expands his palette while his dad experiments in the kitchen. The final result is always a fantastic presentation with unique flavors and a happy Levi. 

  1. @shereshe

If you’re interested in world cuisines, this is the account for you! Best known for her “around the world” series, Beryl Shereshewsky creates content highlighting cultural dishes often with a key ingredient. With dishes ranging from Ireland to Cameroon to Mexico, you’re guaranteed to find a recipe you’ve never tried for every meal of the day. She’s often in search of food recommendations, so message her if you have a dish the world should try! 

  1. @dishworks

Have you ever wondered how the food in viral ads looks so perfect? This women-owned food stylist account takes viewers behind the scenes for an inside look into making food camera-ready. From adding grill marks on a steak to crafting fake ice for a cocktail, their food studio does it all. In addition to their food photoshoots, they make recipe videos that combat waste in the food service industry. All of their food may not be edible, but it sure is appetizing. 

  1. @wishbonekitchen

Currently based in New York City, Meredith Hayden makes day-in-the-life videos as a private chef in the Hamptons. Hayden’s videos usually start from the beginning of the process at the grocery store to the stovetop, all the way up until the dish is served to her clients and when the kitchen is clean. With shifts sometimes as long as 17 hours, multiple dishes cooking at the same time, and a debut cookbook on the horizon, Hayden is a committed creator. The delectable menus she draws up for her clients leave audiences wishing for their own private chefs or at least half her talent. 

  1. @literally.starving

Yiming is a food ethnographer who asks passersby on the streets about their favorite childhood foods, latest cravings, or simply what they want as their next meal, just to return with that exact dish. Through conversations with strangers and culinary arts, Yiming reveals the long history and deep connection many feel with their favorite foods. Take a trip to this creator’s account for a dose of wholesome content and a lesson on new foods.

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