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I’ve been looking for a good tote bag. I want one that I can bring with me on any occasion, whether that be hauling my books to class, grabbing groceries, or bringing on a day trip. That being said, I’ve determined what qualities make a tote bag worth purchasing. 

The perfect tote bag is versatile.

It can fit many different items and has quite a few pockets or compartments, such as a water bottle sleeve or a pocket for smaller items like your keys. A versatile tote can be taken anywhere, any time.

Another very important factor to consider when shopping for a tote bag is whether it is compact or not. After all, you want a tote bag, not a backpack or luggage. So, finding the bag that’s just the right size can make or break your experience. 

Finding a durable tote bag is equally important. My ideal tote bag would be able to carry my laptop and other heavier, essential items. 

Finally, the determining factor in whether I decide to purchase a tote bag or not is whether it’s affordable or not. A tote bag can have all of the above qualities, but if the price is unrealistically high, I can’t bring myself to buy it.

I know this is a materialist kind of love, but this is a cry for help. If you know of a tote bag that matches this description, direct message @HCBerkeley on Instagram ASAP! And if not, I hope these tips help you find the tote bag of your dreams.

Thalia Colarian

UC Berkeley '24

Thalia is a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in English and minoring in Armenian Studies. When she’s not reading or writing, you can catch her binging the newest series on Netflix, blasting Taylor Swift’s entire discography on repeat, or on a battery-draining phone call with her sister. Thalia is passionate about writing in whatever form possible; her favorite things to write include poetry, short fiction, and personal essays. Her Campus allows Thalia the creative freedom to explore her interests on paper and grow as a writer.
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