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Girl Scout Cookie
Girl Scout Cookie
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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

I know stealing from Girl Scouts sounds like a pretty horrible thing to do, but hear me out — when a package containing about twenty boxes of Girl Scout cookies that you never ordered shows up at your door, how are you supposed to turn that down?

In our defense, it was a rough day. My roommates and I had spent the whole day in difficult classes, the house was a mess, and we needed the kind of pick-me-up that can only come from a box of Thin Mints. So when my roommate discovered a package outside the laundry room with the Girl Scouts label stamped on the side, she did what any sensible woman would do. 

We experienced a brief moment of moral conflict, although, to be honest, we were mostly concerned with the legality of opening someone else’s mail. After we determined that this really wasn’t an issue — who would ever have to find out? — nothing could deter us from opening the box and checking out the flavors. We made the unanimous decision that if the intended recipient of the package had bad taste in cookies, we would happily hand over what was rightfully theirs. 

I should also mention that my roommate — the discoverer of the cookies — is a British exchange student. When will she ever get the chance to eat Girl Scout cookies again? I see this as another point in our favor. How could any of us deny her such a typical American experience? 

Luckily for us — and unfortunately for our neighbors — the package was full of Samoas and Thin Mints. We deemed these to be suitable flavors and spent no further time deliberating before tearing open a box and digging in. 

Sadly, we’ve reached the last portion of our rations; our supplies have dwindled to about three boxes of cookies lying around the house. But, the past few days, snacking on Girl Scout cookies between classes, I’ve seen the morale of our household greatly improve. 

I guess all this is to say, sometimes a little cookie theft is justifiable. And, to the rightful owner of these Girl Scout cookies, I’d like to extend the gratitude of five extremely happy college students.

Sophia Stockton

UC Berkeley '24

Sophia is a junior at UC Berkeley, where she is currently studying sociology and psychology. Originally from San Diego, Sophia spends most of her free time at the beach, listening to music, cooking, or taking photos.