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autumn leaves on a dirt road
autumn leaves on a dirt road
Natalie Szewczyk


As the semester is drawing to a close and you get more free time during Winter Break, it’s the perfect time to relax in nature. Here are some of my favorite places to destress and enjoy nature in Berkeley:

Berkeley Rose Garden

This is one of the cutest places to have a picnic or to see the sunset in Berkeley. Although it is pretty small, the Rose Garden is so pretty and the perfect place to relax and take Instagram-worthy photos. 

UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens

Featuring a ton of beautiful plants and redwoods, the Berkeley Botanical Gardens is one of the perfect places to relax in nature. UC Berkeley students also have free admission to the Gardens so it’s a great place to go for a nice walk in nature on a small budget. 

The Big C Hiking Trails

This is one of the most iconic hiking trails in Berkeley and should be on every UC Berkeley student’s bucket list. The hike can be pretty steep and difficult at times, but it is worth it to see one of the best views of Berkeley and the Bay Area. 

Berkeley Marina

If you are ever missing the beach or water, this is the perfect place in Berkeley to get a view of the sea. The view is amazing and you can get beautiful pictures of the sunset from the Marina as well! 

I hope you enjoy some of these spots in Berkeley and have a great time seeing these beautiful places!

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