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I, along with most Americans, took part in watching the Super Bowl. But my motive likely differed from most – I’m not particularly interested in football, nor would I consider myself an avid football fan. And although I admire Taylor Swift individually, I’m not too passionate about the relationship we’ve heard so much about between her and Travis Kelce. What I was really into, unsurprisingly, was the Halftime Show. Usher undoubtedly provided a fantastic performance. But with his infinite discography featuring so many admired and well known artists, Super Bowl watches were bound to anticipate many guests accompanying Usher for the performance.

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys was both an exciting and expected addition to the Halftime Show. Keys being featured in Usher’s Halftime Show was the most plausible option, especially amid the alleged rumors that she would be the special guest. With their collaborative hit song, “My Boo,” it’s understandable that Keys would be a part of the performance. As a talented musician and iconic R&B artist herself, Keys was the perfect surprise “Boo” to take the highly-anticipated performance to new heights. Their musical chemistry was undeniable, so we were treated to a show-stopping set with Keys accompanying Usher.


Ludacris, having appeared on several Usher tracks like “Yeah!” and “Lovers and Friends,” is no stranger to joining Usher on stage for an unimaginable performance. And thankfully, he did join Usher for the Halftime Show. Their lively back-and-forth elevated the energy of the Super Bowl crowd. We didn’t get to witness a collaboration with Usher, Ludacris, and Justin Bieber as some had hoped. But Ludacris sharing his energetic presence still made this Halftime Show one that fans will talk about for years.

Chris Brown

While Chris Brown didn’t make a surprise appearance, he would’ve also made a phenomenal addition. Brown and Usher collaborated together with “New Flame,” and “How Do I Love Again” in the past. Their synchronized dance moves are iconic and impressive, so we likely missed out on a detailed choreography routine. With both artists known for smooth footwork and dance skills, their joint stage presence would have wowed audiences. But even without Brown’s sensational vocals, moves and fame, Usher lit up the Super Bowl stage.

Justin Bieber

And last, but not least, is probably the most devastating loss of all: Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber didn’t end up joining the performance, much to our dismay, and he would’ve made an appearance full of nostalgia for Super Bowl watches. Bieber, whom Usher mentored and helped launch to stardom, would’ve been an unforgettable moment. They could’ve performed “Somebody to Love” – a song that would showcase how truly far they’ve both come. Since he “just wasn’t feeling it,” I guess we’ll never know what the Halftime Show could’ve been like had he joined. But, even without Bieber, Usher delivered an amazing show.

Regardless of who we were hoping for Usher to bring on – if anyone at all – we know his performance was one for the books. Usher has proven time and time again that he can put on an entertaining show by himself. Even if he elects to perform solo, he has enough iconic hits and charisma to carry the performance alone. Thanks to his artistry and showmanship, the 2024 Halftime Show was nothing short of historic. 

Julia Ginsburg

UC Berkeley '27

Julia Ginsburg is a member of Her Campus UC Berkeley, where she contributes as a Staff Writer and Marketing Team member. Julia is currently a first year student at the University of California, Berkeley, where she plans to double-major in Media Studies and Political Science, as well as minor in music. When she’s not writing or studying for classes, Julia enjoys activities like dance, guitar, and singing.