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Spring Semester 2015 Bucket List

For most of us, returning from winter break— four glorious weeks filled to the brim with Netflix marathons and fuzzy socks— is an optimistic start to a new semester. We’re reunited with our Bay Area soul mates, we vow to do better this semester compared to the last, and C.R.E.A.M. is once again within walking distance. Sadly, for a fraction of our Cal community, spring semester means the bitter end to college; graduation is just 16 short weeks away. For our seniors entering their final semester, here’s a list of must-do, must-see, and must-have things around Berkeley before throwing on the cap and gown.

1. Hike the Big C


2. Enjoy a scoop at Fenton’s


3. Sip on a a Mint Mojito at Philz

4. Allow yourself some ‘me time’ at Strawberry Creek


5. Take a date to the Rose Gardens


6. Party at Lux (dark basement of Pappy’s)


7. Go to a concert at The Greek


8. Do some shopping at Fourth Street


9. Be a scientist at the Exploritorium in SF

10. Find your inner peace at Yoga in The Park (Golden Gate Park)

11. Catch the view from the top of the Campanile

12. Eat Cheeseboard in the median

13. Take a tour of the Bancroft Library


14. Opt for healthy alternatives at the farmers’ market


15. Actually buy something from a vendor on Telegraph


16. Enjoy a free beer tasting at Pyramid Brewery


17. Have a Monkey Head at Triple Rock

18. Take a DeCal


19. Go to a Golden State Warrior game


20. Join an IM team


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