Reasons Why You Need to Vote on November 6th!

    (*QUICK SIDE NOTE: If you forgot to register to vote, skip to the bottom of this article, woman!)


    Getting young people to vote is a tough feat. According to a recent NPR article, “only about 46 percent voted in the last presidential election; compared to 72 percent of the Silent Generation, who habitually punch above their weight.” Millennials make up about 31% of the electorate, and this number is growing. Needless to say, your vote is crucially important.

So, why don’t young people vote? Reasons range from confusion over the voting process to plain psychology--if individuals do not believe their vote matters or will make a difference, they simply will not vote.

    For days, I could spew endless reasons why it is so important for us, as the next generation of leaders, to exercise our privileged right to vote. Instead, I will provide a list of incentives and resources that will hopefully encourage or inspire you to vote: FREE/DISCOUNTED STUFF.

  • According to Curbed, Lyft, Lime, and Uber will be providing all sorts of discounts and free rides on Nov. 6th to polling locations.


  • The Barrel Room in San Francisco will be giving one free shot for voters on Nov. 6th!


  • Ameoba SF will be giving a $3 discount on any item priced $5 dollars or more for those wearing “I Voted” stickers.


If you are unsure of who to vote for or need more information on the voting process, download this awesome app called Say Yay. Based on your location, political party preference, and stance on various issues, the app will guide you through the midterm election process. This app has seriously saved my life!


On Nov. 6th, I’ll probably be asking every business or restaurant I visit if they have election day discounts. If I have to, I will skip a class in the name of civic duty to ensure I cast my vote on time. Girls, go out there and do your small, yet pivotal, part in our country’s future!

    (Psst! My procrastinators, here’s your last chance to contribute to our democracy!) Missed the deadline to register to vote? Don’t worry, you can still do your part by casting a conditional vote! Here’s how you can do it: “The steps for conditional registration include going to an eligible county location, filling out a form that includes the voter’s name, address, date of birth and either the last four digits of a Social Security number or a driver’s license number, and casting the ballot.” For more information, visit this website!

Now, get out there and VOTE!