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Olivia Rodrigo’s sophomore album Guts is nothing short of superb. It’s an incredibly powerful lineup of songs, with none dragging down the overall cohesion or excellence. 

This is coming from a fairly unbiased perspective. While I enjoyed Sour, I never really became a ride-or-die fan of Rodrigo’s music. However, my constant streaming of her latest work is convincing me otherwise. 

I decided to create a definitive ranking of the 12 Guts tracks. Unfortunately I don’t know any music terminology (I literally had to double-check what a bridge was), so I’m more going off of general vibes and my feelings; sorry music majors! 

#12 “logical”

Don’t get me wrong, I like the song, but something had to be last. This track has the same essence as the Sour album. While I enjoy the great vocals, I prefer the more lively production of the other songs

#11 “love is embarrassing”

It’s a fun and catchy pop song, no complaints! However, the rock elements incorporated in the other tracks make this one appear slightly dull in comparison.

#10 “teenage dream”

“teenage dream” is certainly not a bad song, just not one I gravitate towards. The overlaying chorus is the highlight. 

#9 “grudge”

This feels like the sister track to logical. Rodrigo’s vocals stun in both, but the instrumentals add a layer of emotionality that makes it the superior song. 

#8 “pretty isn’t pretty”

I find myself liking this one more and more each time I listen to it. The overall production is fun and satisfying. Rodrigo’s songs usually are either a sentimental ballad or pop-rock, and this one feels like a happy medium between the two.

#7 “vampire”

I’ll admit I initially didn’t back the hype behind this one, but it’s grown on me. The vampire allegory makes for great wordplay and the vocals are strong. 

#6 “making the bed”

A great song. I typically prefer the more rock-based tracks, but I can’t help but love making the bed’s gorgeous instrumentals and chorus. 

#5 “get him back”

One of the catchiest songs on the album, get him back an enjoyable listen through and through. It’ll be on my heavy repeat cycle for weeks to come.

#4 “bad idea right?”

The quintessential song to scream-sing to. With its upbeat melody and playful lyrics, it’s obvious why this one was a hit with the masses. 

#3: “all-american bitch”

Its position on the tracklist speaks for itself. “all-american bitch” is a pleasantly fierce and iconic opener. The bold transition from the calming first verse to the striking chorus makes for an exciting listening experience. 

#2: “ballad of a homeschool girl”

It’s giving the theme song for any 2000s movie baddie. Rodrigo’s vocals are perfect for the song’s upbeat intensity. It’s pop-rock songs like this where she best shines. 

#1: “lacy”

“Well, aren’t you the greatest thing to ever exist?” is exactly what I thought when I first listened to this stunning track. 

It’s absolutely criminal that Billboard ranked “lacy” last. The vocals, lyrics, and backing always leave me in awe. It’s seamlessly beautiful and will prove to be a timeless listen.

Melina Tisopulos

UC Berkeley '27

Melina Tisopulos is a first-year student at UC Berkeley. She plans to major in legal and media studies and pursue a career in mass media, law, or political consulting. Working on her chapter’s advertising and writing teams, she is excited to make content for brand campaigns and dabble in different article styles. Outside of the classroom, she enjoys reading literary fiction, binging dramedies, and going out with her friends and two sisters. She loves the Berkeley community and vibrant campus life and looks forward to the coming semesters.