Profile: Barbara Yang

Name: Barbara YangYear: FreshmanMajor: Computer Science (intended)

Have you had any entirely new experiences since coming to Cal?
I joined a hip-hop dance team! Dancing has been a sort of side interest/fantasy for me since middle school. I spent way too much time on YouTube transfixed by dance competitions and choreography videos. So at Cal, thanks to the huge community of AFX Hip Hop, which welcomes novice dancers like myself, I've had the opportunity to be part two amazing teams. It's surreal that every semester, I get to perform before an audience. Dreams do come true!
What would you consider your community here?
I'm still trying to figure that out. Since there are so many undergrads at Cal, I have a community for every interest: I'm in a social sorority for female engineers (Phi Sigma Rho) as well as a hip-hop dance team (AFX), a creative agency (Innovative Design), and a Christian fellowship.
What's your go-to eatery (aside from dining halls)?
I rotate between Toss Noodle Bar, Thai Basil and Racha Cafe.
Favorite song at the moment?
Kina Grannis just released this amazing cover/mashup of "No" by Meghan Trainor and a bunch of 90's songs. Go check it out on YouTube!
Which do you prefer: Coffee or tea?
Coffee when I'm working in a coffeeshop. Tea at home.
What advice would you give to any incoming Berkeley freshmen?
Plan out classes for 8 semesters as much as you can -- especially if you're considering a second major or a minor, studying abroad, or graduating early! Every department has detailed major requirements on their respective websites.
For introverts out there, take time to treat yourself to solitude. But it's completely okay to have fun too!