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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

I’d label myself as a nice person, though some might argue that if you have to make a disclaimer, chances are it’s likely untrue. Regardless of what others might say about the self-proclaimed “nice person” title, I try my best to practice good deeds whenever it’s possible; whether that means holding the door open for someone, helping an elderly person cross the street, or even smiling at a stranger I make eye contact with.

Being a good person looks and means something different for everyone, but it ultimately boils down to being aware of those around you; if you can do something nice for someone, do it!

I’m here to argue that everyone should practice a little more kindness in their daily lives. While it may sound like it takes extraneous effort or that one person won’t make a difference, I’m also here to tell you that both of those assumptions are wrong.

It takes almost no extra time to hold the door open for a few extra seconds so someone can get through (even if they don’t take over and hold it for the next person). Again, while it seems insignificant, it’s a sign of acknowledging another person’s existence and making their life slightly easier. You might even be making their day!

Another small deed you can practice is leaving a tip at your favorite coffee shop to brighten the barista’s day. As a barista myself, when customers attempt to leave a tip (because my establishment doesn’t accept tips), I feel as if my customer service skills are appreciated. 

As someone who firmly believes in “what goes around comes around,” I challenge everyone to implement kindness into their routines. You never know if your good deed will brighten someone’s day! It can be a compliment about a stranger’s outfit at a bus stop, or a simple “good morning” to the cleaning staff in your apartment building. Something small is better than nothing at all!

Nevya Patel

UC Berkeley '26

I am Nevya Patel and am studying English at UC Berkeley. Although I am on the pre-law track, I am excited to join HerCampus to practice my writing and meet new people along the way. In my free time, I love reading and spending quality time with my friends.