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Our Must-Have Outfit for Berkeley Weather

We’ve all fallen victim to it: Berkeley weather. For new freshmen though, the shock of heading to 9 AMs in cute shorts and a tank top comes as a new, unwelcome surprise. Then there’s the other side. By noon the jacket, long sleeve, and pants you ran back up to the 5th floor to change into have become unbearably hot. Never fear our young readers, Her Campus is here to help plan a cute outfit for all temperatures! The key? LAYERS.

Let’s start at the bottom. On top of being warm for the mornings and cool for the afternoons, your shoes have to be comfy. Berkeley is a big campus with even bigger hills and no busy collegiette wants sore feet. My recommendation would be a really simple pair of Toms (www.toms.com, $40). Not only do they come in neutral colors to match whatever outfit you might choose, they’re also comfy, and with your purchase you give a pair to someone in need. If Toms aren’t your thing, then a cute pair of moccasins, like these from Minnetonka (Minnetonkamoccasin.com, $40), are comfy, and cute for the warmish-coldish days we experience here in Berkeley.


Moving on up, things begin to get a bit more complicated, but the simple staple of jeans generally work best for staying warm, but not too warm. To liven up your outfit a little bit, experiment with some colored denim, like these from Urban Outfitters. (urbanoutfitters.com, $78).

Moving on to the top, the options are literally endless. I’ll give one example, but creativity is key when layering. Make your outfit your own. The key components are a light shirt or tank for the bottom layer, or as I like to call it, the noon walk up to Haas layer. Remember, you want to wear something that won’t cause you to sweat profusely as you climb the Berkeley hills. Since it’s still early fall, I’m a fan of the tank top, since getting sleeves bunched up under layers is annoying. Shown is an example from Forever 21 (forever21.com, $18) that is simple, but stylish.

For the next layer, a light cardigan works well. That way, when the weather starts warming up mid-morning, there’s no fear of overheating, or freezing. Shown is a cardigan from Urban Outfitters (urbanoutfitters.com, $49)

Last, but certainly not least, is the top layer. Don’t be afraid to spend a little money on the outer jacket. You’ll be thankful to have one that will last you through the winter. Try the leather jacket look, without the big ticket, real leather price. This Vegan leather jacket is from Urban Outfitters (urbanoutfitters.com, $99) and is comfy, warm, has pockets to store necessaries like a phone and wallet, and most importantly will keep you from getting chilly on your early morning walks to class.

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