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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

Since UC Berkeley’s campus is located in the center of the city’s large, diverse food hub, it can be difficult to resist spending your money. Whether it’s grabbing a quick bite for the road or ordering a delicious plate at a sit-down restaurant, Berkeley has it all, feeding my foodie delusions and hurting my pockets. Recently, I’ve found myself exploring the cuisines and treats the city offers. As a die-hard foodie, these are my opinions on some recent eats from the lovely town of Berkeley.

Imm Thai Street food

Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines, blending sweet, savory, and spicy all into one delicious meal. Since I love Thai food so much, I’m picky about it. So, when I first showed up for a meal at Imm Thai with a friend, I was hesitant. 

With a focus on street food, Imm Thai is a cute little restaurant on University Avenue with a few tables inside and an outdoor seating area adorned with lights. I ordered one of their spiciest dishes: Pad Kee Mao, a plate of flat, wide noodles mixed with vegetables and beef (my meat of choice), coated in a sweet-spicy sauce. This dish did not disappoint. To my surprise, it was actually spicy! All the ingredients tasted incredibly fresh. 

There were so many opposing flavors blending on my tongue. To go along with it, I ordered Thai iced tea, served in a mason jar. The orange drink was a perfectly balanced blend of sweetness, which wasn’t overpowering like other teas I’ve had before. Imm Thai instantly became my favorite Thai place in Berkeley! Not only did I influence my parents by bringing them for lunch, but I also brought multiple friends who’d never tried Thai food before, introducing them to exciting new tastes and spices.

Marugame Udon

I was introduced to this place by my best friend as a senior in high school, dreaming about attending UC Berkeley while slurping up a delectable bowl of udon. Thanks to her, I started my first year of college with the knowledge of at least one yummy restaurant in town. At Marugame Udon, you can build your own bowl of udon or order one of the dishes already on the menu. Plus, you can add crunchy tempura to your plate too!

I love to get the traditional beef bowl: a combination of thick noodles, thinly sliced beef, traditional Japanese broth, and green onions. Something about the food at this place just instantly revives me. Recently, I ordered their curry bowl, which has a more spicy-savory blend paired with noodles. I highly recommend it! 

Whenever I go to this place, the tables are always packed with students, and the line is out the door. If that doesn’t say something, I don’t know what will! 

Tacos Sinaloa

My friend introduced me to this food truck and described it as one of the best places to eat a burrito. As someone who typically shies away from burritos, I can tell you this place is absolutely worth it. The asada burrito is a bit hefty and intimidating, but the traditional blend of meat, beans, and rice will make every morsel melt in your mouth. Not to mention, it’s pretty filling so you’re getting a bang for your buck. Recently, after a long, tiring day, I feasted on the asada burrito; not only did it immensely satisfy me, but I ate so much of it that it put me to sleep!


I don’t know if it’s just me, but with the countless “Wingstop Mukbang” videos I’ve seen on social media, Wingstop has been impossible to resist. I recently grubbed on some cajun seasoned tenders while picnicking on the Glade, and boy did those tenders hit! Paired with Wingstop’s iconic ranch and seasoned fries, this meal was to die for. The tenders were spicy-tangy, and when I finished eating, I felt like a little kid with the way my fingers got stained with orange sauce. Wingstop never fails to live up to the hype! They make the perfect meal for when you want to munch on some comfort food.

Living in Berkeley makes my tummy very happy. However, my wallet… well, I try not to worry about that! With its diverse cuisine and treats, Berkeley is the perfect city to be in if you’re a major foodie like me. I hope you consider these recommendations and eat to your heart’s content!

Lauren Dias

UC Berkeley '27

Lauren is a freshman at the University of California, Berkeley studying Political Science. She is currently a Staff Writer for the Berkeley Chapter of Her Campus. Her past experiences include interning at Tran O'Neill Law, a business and trademark law firm, advocating for educational equity as Secretary of the Marin County Youth Commission, and writing short stories and poetry in the creative writing program at her high school. In her free time, you'll find her reading fantasy novels, trying new food places with friends, or listening to hard rock.