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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UC Berkeley chapter.

If you’re going to Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, or if you’re wishing you could go and live vicariously through everyone else as you watch an endless amount of TikToks about it, you’ve probably been searching for the perfect outfit. Here are some of my favorite ideas if you’re looking for a more unique outfit that will be recognized by many of Taylor’s fans!

1. “You Belong With Me” Taylor 

Who else remembers Taylor’s “You Belong With Me”  music video being a central part of their childhood? Fulfill your childhood dream and dress up as Taylor from her infamous music video, while also staying comfortable. Her white t-shirt from the music video has “Junior Jewels” written on it, but you could probably get away with writing anything on a white t-shirt. Throw on some glasses and pajama pants and you’re good to go!

2. “MirrorBall”

“Mirrorball” is one of the best Taylor Swift songs of all time that many Swifties can relate to, so why not dress up as a literal mirrorball? Choose a silver or gold shiny color, maybe a dress or a sparkly shirt, and you’ll be shining for everyone in the room. 

Disco Ball High Waisted Jeans Party Fun
Molly Longest / Her Campus

3. Reputation Era Taylor 

I would dress up as this one myself if I didn’t already decide it’s my Halloween costume for next year. You could go many ways with this one. Here’s my personal preference: her iconic sparkly black bodysuit, some black knee-high boots, and a red lip. You could also dress in anything black and sparkly, add some snake symbols, and you’ll be “Gorgeous.” 

4. Cupid 

If Lover is one of your favorite Taylor Swift eras, kill two birds with one stone and dress like Cupid to look like “The Archer” and represent her Lover era! Wear a red sparkly skirt, maybe a white shirt decorated with hearts, and maybe some cute heart shaped accessories. Don’t forget your bow and arrow!


5. Key Lime Green Dog 

If you’re looking for a really niche costume, try dressing as the neighbor’s dog dyed key lime green from “The Last Great American Dynasty.” It’s a very simple, yet funny, costume: dress in all key lime green, add some dog ears, and you’re set! 

6. Fearless Gold Dress

Taylor on her Fearless tour was one of my favorites of her eras. A gold or silver sparkly dress, maybe a flapper dress to get that 2000s fringe look, some white cowgirl boots, and you’ll be ready to scream “Love Story” at the top of your lungs. 

7. “Bejeweled” 

Who wouldn’t love to do the infamous “Bejeweled” dance while actually in the “Bejeweled” costume? You could really dress in anything super sparkly or you could go with a black dress with rainbow sparkles. Bedazzle your hair and spread glitter everywhere so that you can make the whole place shimmer. 

8. Four Leaf Clover 

Wear a white dress, decorate it with some four leaf clovers and some green accents, and next thing you know, you’ll be “The Lucky One.” 

9. “Cowboy Like Me” 

Dress like a cowgirl to represent what may be my favorite song off of Evermore. You could wear a cute dress and accessorize it with a cowgirl hat and some boots, or you could wear a flannel and braid your hair to represent the cover of Evermore

10. “James Dean daydream” with “red lip classic” & “tight little skirt” 

If you’re going to The Eras tour and looking for a couples costume, this is by far my favorite. You’ll never go out of “Style” with this idea. Feel that “good girl faith and a tight little skirt” and have your date match with some slicked back hair and a white t-shirt.

Angelina Rosete

UC Berkeley '26

Angelina is a sophomore at UC Berkeley pursuing a degree in English and Media Studies, with a minor in Creative Writing. She is on the writing team this semester to build on her experience as a published writer. She loves writing because it provides her with a chance to explore her creative capacity and make her voice stand out. In her free time, she also enjoys dancing, watching new films, and taking pictures of the sunset.